Break Time!

During the next two-to-three weeks, my blog posts will be sporadic…or maybe just non-existent.

Motor Man and I are coming up on a busy time: preparing for and hosting my family reunion,

a couple of boat races,

and perhaps a little “adventure” or two.

With life being so hectic right now, I think it will be easier to just put the blog on hold for a little while.

So, stay cool, enjoy your summer, and I’ll be back soon with, hopefully, some interesting blog material!

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “Break Time!

  1. You and your Motor Man have a lot of fun things coming up so indeed when next you post we expect to see you up to your usual “adventures” ! Have a great time…………


  2. Enjoy your time and see you when you get back!

  3. Have fun!! We will all be right here when you come back!!!

  4. Nancy Cummins

    Enjoy your family reunion!! How fun!

  5. Enjoy every moment! Taking a little break from blogging is refreshing. I know! We’ll be here waiting and we’ll keep the light on for ya. 😉

  6. Will miss you…….

  7. Looking forward to whatever is next, & whenever it will be !

  8. ENJOY your reunion, the boat races, an adventure, and…………… Looking forward to your sharing – as always – when you’re blogging again.

  9. Blessings and good wishes, happy adventures and warm family times to you!

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