Windowpane Wednesday: FREE Salad Bar

Hurry in!

All you can eat salad bar! (Please excuse the scanner traffic in the background.)

Curious about the plant that little one is nibbling on?  I bought it because the tag stated: “attracts butterflies and hummingbirds”. Guess they forgot to include DEER.  The name is Cuphea Ilavea, and the common name (oddly enough) is “Batface”. Here is another one of those plants, in a location in our yard which is apparently  safe from the deer…so far.

Interesting  little bloom.

When I buy a new-to-me plant, I never know if it will be on the deer all-you-can-eat salad bar. This one has definitely been added to the menu.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: FREE Salad Bar

  1. That’s such an unusual little flower – too bad deer like “unusual” !!


  2. What a nice little salad garden you planted. It’s a continual battle but that is a really pretty plant. I share your sadness about the disappearance of beautiful plants. I totally gave up this year.

  3. Love that flower – never seen it before. Wonder if that is the fawn that Mom placed under your protection during Tropical Storm Isaias.

  4. they’ll definitely find it – and then it’s all over !! Good that you have a safe-zone for some to grow a bit ..

  5. Deer will eat most of our favorite plants! I watched one eat a rose bush, thorns and all!

  6. Free eats — I think that sign must be in neon at your house!

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