I Was There!

Yesterday afternoon, I mentioned to Motor Man that I didn’t have an idea for today’s blog post.

Later, while checking Facebook, I saw that a dee-jay friend of ours, Greg, posted the link to a video on his page. This was his caption: “Here’s the King, playing our hometown building”Hampton Coliseum” in April of 1972. Elvis fans enjoy. His last appearance at the Hampton Coliseum came in 1976 not long before his death in 1977″. 

Yesterday was the 43rd anniversary of the date of Elvis’s death.

I remembered that Marshall’s dad and I had gone to an Elvis concert at Hampton Coliseum when we were dating.  Since my teenage years, I’ve kept  a diary of some sort.  In those days, it was in those little pocket calendars that you were given free at pharmacies, flower shops, etc.

Since I have some of those little diary/calendars in a desk drawer, I immediately went in search of the one from 1972.  It’s rather worn….pages held in place with paper clips.

And here’s the April page.


Sure enough, we were at the April 9, 1972, Elvis concert at Hampton Coliseum. I recall that our seats were in the nosebleed section, but what a thrill to even be in the same building as Elvis. My sisters were teenagers when I was born, so I’ve been familiar with his music for as long as I can recall.  Remember the RCA Victor trademark with the sweet dog by the Victrola?  As soon as I could talk, I called that pooch: “Elvis’s dog”.  (His real name was “Nipper”.)

Here’s the video Greg posted if you’d like to see the “King of Rock and Roll” when he was still (somewhat) in his prime.


I enjoyed watching that and knowing that I was in that audience.  (And it’s nice to actually be able to  SEE him, unlike that night in person.)

*So thanks to Greg for the blog post material AND to my Motor Man for saying: “There’s your blog post!”.

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “I Was There!

  1. My sister was a big Elvis fan but I’m afraid I never really was. I can remember thinking when he was young that he was a very handsome guy but never saw a concert, bought his records, or saw one of his movies. I know I’m in a “minority” though as many truly thought he was “The King”! Glad you got to see him in person………….


  2. How cool! There are some Elvis songs that I enjoy, but probably not enough to have gone to a concert. Afraid I never went gaga over him. But what a treat that you got to see him in person and now to see that night all over again.

  3. Nope. Not a fan either. But I did enjoy your blog today. How exciting!

  4. Weird!!! Harold and I were at the same concert. We were in the balcony, 2nd row to his right. A night I won’t forget. Thanks for reminding me of a really special time.

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Elvis was my favorite back when I was a child and on. My dear friend Barbara Albright and I would play his records and act them out in front of a mirror. Such fan. Then, believe it or not, Dianna, I was also at that same concert. A group of the Smithfield Packing girls got together and went out to dinner and then the concert. The only one I remember was with us was Brenda Hall. If I remember right is was about 6 of us I think we were on the first floor in the middle a ways from the stage. Is was a once in a life time memory.

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I also remember it was raining so hard when we came out we couldn’t find the car. We got drenched but don’t think we minded to much because we were so high ( from the concert lol) it didn’t matter

  7. Very cool ! – very …. I can only imagine seeing Elvis anywhere at all – but at the Coliseum … wow … hard to top that !

  8. I had no idea you had seen Elvis! Did he throw his scarf?

    Was everyone going crazy or somewhat settled by 1971?

    Interesting you saw an icon, nosebleed seats or not! And found diary notes !

  9. Well, how cool is that??! Like you, with older sisters, I do know most Elvis songs even though I wasn’t a big fan. One of my sisters went to one of his last concerts with her friends too before he died.

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