Poetic Thursday: The Chapel

Since it’s Thursday, I’m once again joining up with Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats for some poetry.

Here’ s the photo inspiration they provided for us this week.

Isn’t that a beautiful scene?

This is my poem for this week:

The Chapel

A tiny chapel on the side of a hill;
no longer in use, it’s now quiet and still.

Within these walls, there were smiles and tears;
a place of comfort for many years.

Such a pretty setting, it catches the eye
of everyone who passes by.

The sun in the window casts a golden light.
Sunrise or sunset?  Good Morning or Good Night?

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “Poetic Thursday: The Chapel

  1. Sweet poem for a very sweet, small and cozy chapel.


  2. Beautiful!

  3. what a lovely poem to go with the little chapel

  4. How quaint. Don’t wonder about the worship and events that the little chapel has witnesses?

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful picture and poem to go along. I love old churches

  6. Very very nice … This looks and feels like a morning scene to me ..

  7. Oh my that’s beautiful. I thought it was lit from within, didn’t realize it’s the sun off the window pane. I’m drawn to it. I wonder if anyone is allowed to set foot inside ever. Would hate to see it crumble away with neglect.

  8. That is such a beautiful picture, and your poem did it sweet justice!

  9. Yes, that is a beautiful scene and you penned a lovely poem to accompany it.

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