It’s A Butterfly…It’s A Moth

One day last week, Motor Man and I were tidying up our car wash. He empties the trash cans, while I use one of those little picker-upper thingies to pick up the loose trash all around the lot.

I came upon what I thought was a piece of crumpled brown paper, and attempted to pick it up with my little picker-upper thingie. And it fluttered away. But it didn’t seem to actually be flying…it was more like ‘flopping’ along just above the ground.  So I dropped my bucket and picker-upper thingie, and chased it across the parking lot. (Meanwhile wondering how many guys at the nearby Napa Auto Parts store were watching the show and laughing.)

I didn’t want someone to run over it, thinking it was a piece of crumpled brown paper.

I managed to cup it between my hands and escorted it over to a  nearby shrub. And it immediately flew away. (YAY! It was such a relief to know I hadn’t injured it.)  Back to my bucket and picker-upper thingie, and…I know this is hard to believe…either that same butterfly/moth was on the ground right beside my bucket, or its twin was.

So, once again, I cupped it in my hands and took it over to the shrub, and once again, it flew away.

I’ve done some research online and wasn’t able to find a picture that looks exactly like what I rescued.

So, friends (especially Renee), is this a moth or a butterfly? Sorry there’s nothing nearby to give you an idea of size.  Its wing span was probably around five inches. I’m thinking moth…

I’ll definitely be more careful the next time I’m about to pick up a piece of crumpled brown paper….

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “It’s A Butterfly…It’s A Moth

  1. Well others may know better but I believe that’s a moth – in fact Teddy “cornered” one at the edge of the woods last week… was flopping around….I’m told moths have very short lives so I suspect “ours” was about to head to Moth Heaven! If you google “moths” you’ll see there are LOTS of them who enjoy Virginia as much as WE do……..


  2. You are a moth saver! What a kind heart you have!

  3. Moth! I agree and how pretty. I had a beautiful orange/brown one on the window of the Library one day a couple of weeks ago. I took a picture so I could show my husband.

  4. As you know, I was also thinking “moth” … & I know the frustration of trying to find a pic showing exactly what you saw in person … but this one, like so many other moths, has the ‘eyes’ on the wings – definitely a moth thing ! ..

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I applaud you my friend for saving God’s creatures. I agree with Marshall I think it is a moth too.

  6. What a sweet rescue story! I can’t help saving them, and caterpillars, too. Always worry about the caterpillars.

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