A Snowy Celebration

For several years, Motor Man and I have celebrated our (February 2) anniversary with a sleigh ride.  Looking back in my journal, it appears that our first ride was in 2009, at a farm in Connecticut. Since then, we’ve gone for sleigh rides in Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maryland and West Virginia.

The West Virginia rides with Autumn Breeze Stables at  Snowshoe Ski Resort seem to be a favorite of ours, and last week we went for our third sleigh riding adventure there. We are always SO amazed at the trees when we arrive at Snowshoe in the winter. It’s like a Christmas card. Obviously, we rarely see this sight in southeast Virginia. And the best part is, the roads are usually completely clear of snow and ice.

Our sleigh ride was Wednesday afternoon, and although the temperature was a ‘balmy’ 20 degrees, that wind was wicked. It was SO cold, we had on several layers of clothing, gloves, ‘gaiters’ over our faces,  I had ear muffs, Motor Man had on a toboggan,  and we had the hoods up on our coats.

Yes, that’s us under there.

As in the past, Flash pulled our sleigh, and Skip was our driver. It was so beautiful, we could almost forget how cold frozen we were.

We stayed overnight in Elkins, WV, and when we awoke on Thursday,  my phone’s weather app showed that the outdoor temp was THREE degrees.

And how perfect is this for our anniversary?  This was our room number. What are the odds?

Later that morning, we returned to Snowshoe where I had a magical adventure:  a trail ride in the snow.  Skip’s wife, Peggy, was our guide, and a young couple on their honeymoon completed the group. Thankfully, the weather had improved greatly over the day before, as in warmer temperatures and no wind.

This is April, a 22-year old Paint, and she was my sweet ride. Notice I didn’t even need gloves. Peggy took pictures of the riders with our phones and with hers and was kind enough to share hers with us. This may be my favorite.

Peggy mentioned during our ride that she liked taking pics of her and her horse’s shadow. And I agreed that it was a fun idea.

I took this video during our ride and just love the snow falling off one of the branches as I was about to ride under it. It reminds me of fairy dust, and I was tickled that I captured it.

It really was just like riding in a winter wonderland. The snow must have been a foot deep in some spots. All the horses were so well-behaved, it was a fun, relaxing ride.

Motor Man was waiting to take pics when we returned, and I gave him a little wave.

It was a perfect anniversary celebration.

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9 responses to “A Snowy Celebration

  1. Such beautiful pictures!!
    The video of the trail ride through the Winter Wonderland was breathtaking!! What a canopy of perfect snow.
    I too liked the sprinkle of snow dust.
    A beautiful anniversary celebration!

  2. Didja love the crunchy sound of the horses hooves on that crisp, white snow? Beautiful!! Happy Anniversary to you both, MJ

  3. Another beautiful anniversary celebration with sleigh and trail ride. It was really beautiful up there – glad it wasn’t “actively” snowing in addition to being so super cold that first day though and so happy you two had a great time.


  4. Oh, I am so glad you had the perfect-for-you-two anniversary weekend! The sleigh ride (even though it was cold) must have been amazing but the trail ride in the snow — awesome! I’ve been on trail rides before and loved them, but I don’t think I ever went on one in the snow. That first photo of you on April is just so very lovely. And adding to the perfection of your trip, the room number. 🙂

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You were truly in Winder Wonder Land! Amazing beauty!1

  6. Amazing trip, pics, and vid ! I have to stop and ask … was that room number requested, or was that a wild coincidence ?

  7. ooooh, how wonderful! Love that touch of fairy dust from the bough! I can feel the cold 🥶

  8. What a DREAM!!! The scenery is absolutely beautiful, and you look GOOD on Paint! Just the most perfect trip for you both.

  9. What a way to go. Beautiful photos!

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