Windowpane Wednesday: More Blues

So, if you don’t like bluebirds, just move along. There’s nothing to see here.

I shared these photos on my Facebook page last week with a warning promise that there would be a blog post.

i just happened to have my ‘zoom’ lens on the camera and was able to capture these pictures through our bedroom window.

Sometimes these little flashes of blue and rust just appear to be posing for me.

I found this old (looking) lantern at an antique shop, and thought it would work well to keep larger birds from getting to the meal worms.

The  bluebirds also like this new feeder we bought at Tractor Supply. The openings are a little larger, so we also have a few sparrows visiting this one.

So, perhaps we’ll have a different subject for next week’s Windowpane Wednesday. Although, I must admit that I am quite fond of these sweet bluebirds.

~These Days Of Mine~

7 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: More Blues

  1. I too love bluebirds…..! Have seen more than the usual number of them lately which is FINE with me………


  2. I’m quite fond of bluebirds too. We’ve had bluejays show up. We’ve missed them the past few years. They’re a little ‘bossy”, but they’re definitely pretty. Your pics through the window are beautiful – don’t stop the bluebird show.

  3. Who doesn’t love bluebirds!
    Post away. Your pictures are so wonderful.

  4. Well, they are symbols of happiness, so I certainly won’t pass by your photos. Makes me want to just break out in song:
    My, oh my, what a
    wonderful day
    Plenty of sunshine
    Headin’ my way
    Mr. Bluebird’s on
    my shoulder
    It’s the truth
    It’s ‘act-ch’ll’
    Everything is
    Wonderful feelin’
    Wonderful day!”

  5. You’ve assembled an impressive bluebird pic collection in no time flat ! They’re all great, but I really like the muted look of the first one ..

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Keep the pictures coming just beautiful!

  7. Those are great photos. I especially like the second from the last.

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