Happy Tenth, Sundae

Ten years ago yesterday, we adopted our Sundae from the Humane Society.

I’ve written about her many times here on the blog, but today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite pics of our sweet girl through the years.

This was about a month after she came to live with us.

She’s always included in our family Christmas photo (not to say she always enjoys it).

She does enjoy her cat naps:

She spends the weeks before Christmas lying under the tree (and occasionally dislodges an ornament or two).

Coffee table legs are play things, especially when we have company.

She has a front row seat for our outside zoo.

She feels safest under her blankie.

And hopefully she knows she’s loved:

Happy 10th Gotcha Day, sweet Sundae.

~These Days Of Mine~




10 responses to “Happy Tenth, Sundae

  1. She KNOWS she is loved! And what a “greeter” she is when I visit!
    Only a confident, loved kitty could be so happy, not threatened with company.
    Happy Anniversary Sundae. You were a blessed kitty to be adopted into your forever, Keen family!

  2. and she’s a beauty – happy 10 to sundae!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day Sundae….you indeed were a very lucky girl to be adopted by the family you now have. You’ve got the best life you could have and here’s to many more happy hears together for all of you.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too!

  4. 10 years? Really? WOW!! Time has flown. And that gal sure knows she’s loved. You y’all know she loves you too.

  5. One very loved-up Sundae ….you are all very fortunate.

  6. She absolutely knows she is loved — very well loved. And she’s one lucky kitty.

  7. she definitely knows she’s loved – she tells me whenever I go to check on her .. great post and pics, happy gotcha day, Sundae !

  8. She is such a pretty cat! I just love her markings!

  9. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Sundae ! And many more !

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I have no doubt Sundae loves her pawents!! Happy Gotcha Day, Sundae!

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