Clunk Clunk

Saturday morning, my friend, Donna and I went to our small town “Pickers Market”. She and I share the same taste in junk vintage items, and, as usual, we found a few treasures that we ‘really’ needed.

After we had lunch, we went back to Motor Man’s and my shop (where she’d left her car), and I placed my finds on the front seat of our Tahoe.

A little while later, Motor Man and I headed for home: me in my car, and him in the Tahoe. As he was leaving, he circled around our parking lot to check the mailbox.

When he got home, he honked the horn and didn’t pull in the garage, so I went out to see what he wanted. I thought maybe he needed to go back to the shop  for something and wanted me to ride with him.   He said: “I need you to get in the back seat and ride down the street with me to see if you can figure out what this noise is. I think something is seriously wrong with this vehicle.”

Since the passenger window was down, I reached in and took out the two vintage pots that I’d placed on the seat.  Unfortunately, that ruined the possibility of him ‘getting me’ with his little prank.

So we recreated the event, so I could get this video:

Of course, before he left the parking lot at our shop, he had figured out what was causing the sound. But it really had him perplexed for a while.

By the way, here’s a picture of the two items (separated!), to show them better. I’ll probably plant some of “that ol’ moss” in them.

After nearly 11 years of blogging, Motor Man and I  both recognize blog post material when we see it.

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “Clunk Clunk

  1. More planters for that old moss huh? I’m guessing you have quite a collection of moss-filled containers by now. Fun to have a variety of “planters” – repurposed vintage items – staying useful in their old age!!


  2. Definitely blog post material. You always make me smile! What a GREAT blog for starting off this rainy Monday. Know Motor Man was disappointed not to ‘get’ you with his prank! What fun! Moss will look nice in those planters.

  3. this is his style all the way ! – glad it wasn’t anything too serious ; )

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    JR is so much like Chuck, it scares me!! lol Loves to pull pranks. Moss will look good in those containers

  5. 🤣 That’s priceless.

  6. Love it! His sense of humor is so fun.

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