Daily Archives: July 7, 2021

My Latest Deer Repellent

I don’t mention the dozens of Canada geese that we have in our yard from time to time. They’re not our favorite of all the creatures here in our wild kingdom.  When we venture outside, we definitely need to be very careful where we step.

This isn’t a recent photo (I think there are even MORE now), but it gives you an idea of what we deal with at times.

But, recently, after checking our Ring security camera videos, I have learned that the geese apparently have ONE redeeming quality:

And not once, but twice!  Be sure your volume is up, so you can hear them ‘hissing’. (They do that to me all the time, but I ignore them.) They’re protecting the bird feeders from the deer, and from the looks of the videos, are apparently rather effective.

Now…. if only I could market those geese as a deer repellent….

~These Days Of Mine~