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A Vintage Synchronicity

There’s a sweet little vintage shop, aptly named Vintage Potential, in our town. Jessica, the owner, is a savvy young lady, local to the area, who is quite the entrepreneur.

Vintage Potential has a huge following of local (and not-so-local) folks, who willingly stand in long lines waiting for her special events, such as her Christmas Open House, etc.

Sadly, the pandemic meant that Vintage Potential’s storefront was closed for over a year, and has just recently opened for two days each week. But, Jessica has a fantastic online site and is vigilant about her Facebook postings. Because of that, she kept her dream alive through that difficult time. She calls her customers her “vintageers”.

Last week, she posted this video on Facebook, and there’s a reason that I’ve chosen to share it (with her permission) on today’s blog post:

Now, for some background that my friends and family know, but many of my blog followers may not:  Marshall’s dad came to our town as a young man to be the manager of our newly opened Ben Franklin five-and-dime in the early 1960’s. Several years later, he and I began dating, then married and bought the franchise just a few months before Marshall was born.  In recent years, the store has closed, and Marshall and his dad now own and operate a flag/gift shop, Smithfield Flags,  in our downtown area.  (And it’s just a few doors from Vintage Potential.)

So, with that in mind, my comment to Jessica’s Facebook post about her Christmas ‘find” (in the above video) was: “That looks so familiar! Wonder if we sold those at Ben Franklin?!!!”

She  replied: ” I totally thought of Ben Franklin too!”

Then a short time later, she tagged me in this photo with the caption: “LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND!❤️An original price tag from Ben Franklin! ON SALE for $5.95. Insanity!”

Obviously, this vintage Christmas item is now worth much more than the $5.95 it sold for at, most likely, an after Christmas markdown sale.

I just love how this all unfolded.

Jessica hinted in her Facebook comments that these carolers may be featured in her storefront window display during the upcoming Christmas season. If so, I’m guessing it may be their second time in a Main Street business holiday window….with about 50+ years in between.

(Thanks, Jessica, for sending me the video and allowing me to share this!)

~These Days Of Mine~