Daily Archives: July 21, 2021

Wildlife Wednesday

Most of us agree that a baby ‘anything’ is cute. May I introduce the latest  cuteness to overtake our yard:

Mama Duck originally had nine babies…yes, NINE.  But within a couple of days of us first seeing them, she had lost one. I was honored that she brought them right up to the house when they were still so tiny.

I’ve spent a lot of time sitting nearby and watching them eat corn. Motor Man snapped this a few evenings ago. (If I’d known he was going to photograph the back of my head, I would have worked on my hair a little more instead of just haphazardly blowing it dry after my shower.)

Ducklings are even prettier in golden hour’s glow.

Somehow, they’ve discovered the safety of our garage for most of their dining experiences. Normally I provide them with a plant saucer of water, but one day, I was in need of something (quick), so I grabbed this thrift shop bowl I had nearby. Although most of them just drank from it, one decided to hop in.

Videos of them are just so much fun.

Mama usually brings them by two or three times each day, and whenever I see them, I do a quick ‘head count’. I’m relieved when all eight are present and accounted for.

Good job, Mommy Duck. I can’t imagine keeping up with eight little ones.

~These Days Of Mine~