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Our Latest Sunday Adventure

Motor Man and I had QUITE the experience yesterday.

He knows how much I enjoy a trail ride, and we both like to visit the Eastern Shore of Virginia. So he researched online and found a trail ride near Cape Charles.  And made a reservation for me to ride yesterday morning.

The ride is offered by Esperanza Riding Company, which we would highly recommend if you happen to be in the area and are looking for that experience.

We arrived early, so we enjoyed this view while we waited.

And I’m always game for a little horse nuzzling.

But….here’s the surprise:  Motor Man also signed up for the ride! He hasn’t been on a horse since he was probably in his twenties. His sisters had horses, and he once took a bad fall. And has since been content to admire them from afar.

I thought he was so brave to join me on the trail.

The resident pooches, Hank and Cava, wished him good luck before our ride. (Actually Cava just wanted him to throw the tennis ball.)

Elizabeth is the owner of the company and was our guide. She grew up on the property, known as Eyreville, and knows every square foot of it. It was interesting to hear some of the history and see the gorgeous views. Click here to learn more about this fascinating place AND Esperanza Riding Company.

Elizabeth  stopped to take our picture with Cherrystone Creek in the background. If you look at the top of the tree to the far right, you’ll see a bald eagle. Elizabeth says he is a regular and keeps an eye on the watermen (working in the background).

The ride was about 4 1/2 miles, but we went early in the day, so we were comfortable. It was cloudy at the beginning of our ride, but the sun came out before we returned to the stables. By the way, I’m on Chino, and Motor Man is riding Casanova.

Thanks to Elizabeth for a fun adventure, and to my Motor Man for being such a good sport. (He’s taken a lot of ‘razzing’ from his racing buddies the past couple of days about THIS type of horsepower, as opposed to his racing engines).

~These Days Of Mine~