Sunday At The Beach

Sunday, Motor Man and I drove to the four-wheel drive beach of Carova on the Outer Banks.

It had been three months since we’d been. The beach is, naturally, a very busy place during the summer with sunbathers, kite-fliers, sandcastle-building children (and adults), fishermen, etc.  Plus, it’s been a very rainy summer, and we knew there would be many impassable areas of the beach.  So we’ve been taking our Sunday drives to other locations.

But, of course, I did miss ‘my’ wild horses.

We saw 22 of them on Sunday, including this baby. Since she didn’t cooperate by showing off any of her markings, I sent pictures of her and the adults around her to the herd manager, and learned that this is Beatrice.

Beatrice was born July 10, and at just three days old, found herself struggling in one of the many canals in the area. Thankfully three fishermen were nearby and came to her rescue. This sweet little one had heroes to help her get back to her family.

Photo taken from CWHF FB page
photo credit: Owen Carson

This next picture was taken through the windshield of our vehicle. Something caught the attention of this beauty, and I fully expected to see another horse approaching, but that didn’t happen. I just love the stance.

Another fun Sunday drive with my Motor Man.

~These Days Of Mine~


5 responses to “Sunday At The Beach

  1. Well how fortunate that someone was able to help that “baby” out of its’ predicament. Mom looks like she was quite worried! I know you missed your horses for three months but I’m glad you were able to “catch up” this past weekend.


  2. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Glad you got back to your special place. Thank God they were able to help the colt. Love the pics.

  3. Glad y’all were able to make it after being away so long !
    It’s good to see the entire community helping out with the horses … & that really is some stance in that last one – almost expect to see a knight mounted on top !

  4. Love the setting with the egret in the picture and the one in the road. I don’t ever tire of your amazing pictures. It’s great to see the good Samaritans helping out. The horses are probably just as glad to get their space back from the tourists as you were to visit them again.

  5. I can imagine how great it was to be back there. Someday, we’re going to make it down there and go with you two.

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