When It Storms

Yesterday, our weather forecast called for showers with possibly heavy storms at times.  It was a day of sun, then showers and…repeat.

Early in the day, a friend posted on Facebook: “I can remember being in a severe thunderstorm with grandma in their living room, she said to me: “Hush child, be still, the Lord is doing His work!” .

That brought back memories of my mom, who grew up in  a large farming family, telling me something similar about her “Papa”. In her words, he would say: “Y’all sit down and be quiet. God’s work’s going on”.  He also brought in whatever farm hands were working in the fields, which I think was usually his their sons and many of their six daughters.

Mom said they had to sit quietly. They could talk, but there was no running around or playing, and they couldn’t be near any windows. Grandma, nor any of the girls, did any sewing for fear that the needle would be a conductor for lightning. I imagine when Papa spoke, they all listened and obeyed. (I think this photo was taken in the spring/summer of 1922. The family would add a son the following year, and a daughter in 1925.  My Mom is the girl with the darkest hair…third from the left; she was 12.)

Many times during storms, I think of Mom telling me those stories from her childhood.

And we did have some heavy rain and storms yesterday. In the early evening,  tornado was reported in Virginia Beach, about an hour away from us. Thankfully, although the area had major damage, there were no injuries or deaths.

In the evening, we had this amazing sky.

God’s work was going on.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “When It Storms

  1. Pretty photos of Mother Nature having a tantrum and of course the old family photo is wonderful for you to have. When I heard about the tornado in Virginia Beach I was glad it was NOT where you are but no matter where they are, they do damage and are quite frightening. Our storms up here were NOT that bad yesterday – they were much worse the day before. Let’s hope today is more PEACEFUL!


  2. Donna Warthan

    What a wonderful share!
    Such a great picture of your family. They look joyful.
    Thankful no one hurt in Virginia Beach.

  3. I’d never heard that phrase about God doing His work, but love it. We’d go sit on the porch to watch storms come across the fields of peanuts, corn, and soybeans. Your pictures are beautiful. Thankful there were no injuries. The pictures from the area show how miraculous that is.

  4. I’ve never heard that saying either, but during storms, my mom always told me to be still too. Maybe that’s what we all need – to be still and listen while God does His work.

  5. That has to be one of the best skies in a while !
    I remember sitting on the porch and watching storms roll out of the area – always such a different atmosphere and feel outside after one blows through ..

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    My Grandmother would say the same thing and we would have to be quiet and still. Sweet memories me too. Great pictures.

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