Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

The Twilight Tour, Pt 3

During the Twilight Tour last weekend at Bacon’s Castle, volunteers brought former residents of the house to life.

The house was built by Arthur Allen in 1665. In  1711, Elizabeth Bray married his son. She was a very strong-willed woman, who outlived her 3 husbands, as well as her 3 children. Elizabeth required her second husband to sign a pre-nup because her wealth surpassed his. (That lady was way ahead of her time!)  She lived at Bacon’s Castle for 63 years. Twilight Tour visitors met Elizabeth in the “Great Hall” where she was having tea.

During the Civil War, Bacon’s Castle was owned by the Hankins family.  Their son, James, and their daughter, Virginia (Ginna) greeted visitors in the room known as the “Ladies’ Chamber”.

And, finally. As you’ve seen in previous posts this week, I portrayed my Grandmother Mae Ellis, who, with her family, lived in Bacon’s Castle during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

 For those involved in the Twilight Tour, much time and thought went into the preparation over the past several weeks.

It was an honor for me to participate, partly because I have such a deep affection for the house.

And also because, for so many years, my family called it home.