Daily Archives: November 11, 2010

A Very Special Veteran


For Veteran’s Day, my post today honors my father-in-law.

Since he and my mother-in-law aren’t too “keen” on this internet stuff, including having pictures and details of your life out there for anyone to see, I won’t be posting any pictures of him or giving Pop’s real name.

And one little note of humor in this otherwise serious post:  last year, Motor Man and I gave his parents a plaque, which reads: “A veteran lives here with his commander-in-chief”. I’m not sure which one of them got the biggest kick out of it. But it’s been quite the conversation piece, and is still displayed by their back door.

Pop is a World War II vet.  When their son (my husband, Motor Man) was born, Pop was en route from boot camp in Texas to New York to ship overseas on the Queen Mary.  Pop managed  a quick stop in Virginia to meet his newborn son, who was just a day or two old.

We have a picture of Pop in uniform, holding his brand-new baby. With respect to their privacy, I won’t post it. (But I really, really wanted to.)

The next time Pop saw his son was two years later. Two years. I can’t imagine what those two years must have been like in that era. E-mail and cell phones keep us in close contact now. And the media brings us instant news of any event in the world.   We can’t begin to know the uncertainties faced by that generation.

Pop served in France and received many awards, including the Bronze Star, which he was belatedly awarded just a few years ago. And he’s fiercely patriotic to this day.

We’re very proud of Pop for his service to our country, and thankful that we have him in our lives.

He’ll take part in our local Veteran’s Day Parade this Saturday. I’ll be there taking pictures. Even if I can’t post them on this blog.