Daily Archives: November 9, 2010

Rabbits vs Pansies, The Saga Continues


 A message from the rabbits:

“Yum. Not only did she plant food for us; she put mini marshmallows on top!”

Message from me: “how can any living creature eat something covered in mothballs?!”

You may recall my earlier post when I wrote about planting pansies. Remember how they looked then?

Most of them DO still look that way. But the rabbits have left their mark on a few.

No, the mothballs did NOT deter the rabbits from my pansies.  You can see the stems where they just chomped off the blooms.

So today, I began spraying the pansies with Liquid Fence, or as Marshall calls it: Liquid Stench. 

And if the rabbits still eat them after that, I’ll know without a doubt that they have iron stomachs.  And absolutely no sense of smell.