Daily Archives: November 15, 2010



Did you have an imaginary friend during your childhood?

I did. I really don’t remember too much about her,  how old I was when she became my friend and have no idea how her name came to be Jewlsie. Or even how you would  spell it.  Maybe she spelled her name “Julsie”, or “Julsey”?

But I remember having her for a playmate.  My two sisters were teenagers when I was born. By the time I was five years old, I had two nephews and a niece. They lived nearby and we saw each other often.  But when they went home, Jewlsie was still there with me.

My main memories of her involve us playing outside in the yard and riding my tricycle.

Since I don’t have a photo of her (she was funny about having her picture taken),  here’s one of me on that tricycle. This was probably taken Christmas morning – I really don’t remember ever riding it INSIDE  the house. And that looks like a brand new tricycle-smile.

And I’m hoping it’s an optical illusion, but it sorta looks like I had already outgrown it. Maybe it fit Jewlsie better.

Why I happened to think about Jewlsie today, I don’t know.  Once in awhile, she’ll cross my mind.

If you had an imaginary friend, feel free to share your memories here in the comments section. Hopefully you’ll know how to spell her name.

But I’ll be worried if you have a picture.