Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

The Heart of Texas

My niece, Donna, was 5 when this picture was taken. I was 14.

We were in Colonial Williamsburg for the day with Donna’s two brothers and her mom (my sister, June).  

 Too bad this is a black and white photo. I’m sure you’ve probably taken note of those high-water bell-bottom pants I’m wearing. Well, they were fire-engine red.  On second thought, maybe it’s a good thing this is a black and white photo.

But this post is about Donna. Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday, Donna!

Even though she’s my niece, she’s always seemed more like a sister.

Donna is loving, talented,  level-headed and a GREAT mother to her son, Connor.


There’s just one problem:

We live in Virginia. She and Connor live in Texas.

And since that situation probably isn’t going to change, we manage with phone calls, e-mails and their yearly visit to Virginia.

I wonder if Texas knows how lucky it is.