Daily Archives: November 24, 2010



Some folks refer to the prayer said at meal-time as “grace”.  In our family, we always called it “the blessing”. 

Blessings are sometimes spontaneous prayers, but many times, they’re the memorized ones that we learned in our childhood.

This is the one that was said in our house when I was growing up. It’s simple, easy to learn, and meaningful even to a child.

God is great, God is good. Let us thank Him for this food.

By His hand, we must be fed. Give us, Lord, our daily bread.


Motor Man says this blessing before our meals:

Dear God, make us truly thankful for the blessing we are about to receive.


My Granddaddy died before I was born, but I remember hearing that he always said the blessing before meals.

So a few days ago, I contacted one of my cousins to ask what blessing Granddaddy said.

I was surprised to hear that it was the same one that Motor Man says! Only Granddaddy added an extra sentence at the end:

“Bless this food and bless the cook”.

Since Grandma was cooking for 14 people, I’m sure she appreciated those extra words at the end  – added just for her. 


This is a Moravian blessing that I cross stitched years ago. It’s one of my favorites.

 I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving, with many blessings.