Myrtle Beach – The Race


The weekend before Thanksgiving found Motor Man and me in Myrtle Beach for a stock car race. We spent 10 hours driving there, and almost 6 hours driving back. And we were at the track for about 3 1/2 hours. I know:  it makes no sense. But if you know us, you understand. 

Before going to the race, we spent some time hovering above Myrtle Beach. You can read about that here– in case you missed it yesterday.

And now – on to the race.

This is our friend Greg.   We’ve known Greg for a LONG time.  I took this picture of him before the race. I think he had on his “game face”. (“Race face”  just doesn’t sound right.)  He started the race in 2nd and finished 8th, after having problems with a sway bar. You would think after all the time I’ve spent at race tracks and in the pits, that I would know what a sway bar is.  You would be wrong.

And this is Nick. We’ve also known him a long time.  Nick started 36th and finished 10th.  He also jumped into this picture unannounced. But we didn’t mind.

This guy didn’t have such good luck. But it made for an interesting picture.

And this was The Big One (wreck).  Neither Greg nor Nick were involved.

And even though I’m a race fan, this was my favorite part of the evening.

The moon over Myrtle  Beach.

3 responses to “Myrtle Beach – The Race

  1. Great race day pictures.

  2. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The moon was just beautiful that night! Great shot.

  3. Loved your photos. Connor really liked the photo of the ??steam/water shooting up.
    Sounds like y’all had a great trip.

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