Never More Beautiful


If you’re one of my millions hundreds couple of dozen regular readers, you know how special Bacon’s Castle is to me. If you’re new to my blog, this link will give you a little info.

I’ve taken many pictures of that old house – and until this week, I thought the prettiest ones were those I had taken in the fall when the leaves were changing colors.

But Monday, we had a surprise snowstorm, and Motor Man drove me around the countryside to take pictures. He’s such a good husband.

It was snowing when we arrived at “the Castle”.

And I knew immediately that these were going to be my new favorite pictures of that wonderful old place.

I can just imagine days of old with a horse and buggy driving down the lane. And  my grandma would have come to the door and  said: “y’all get down and come in”.  My grandma used that phrase even into the 1960’s when anyone stopped by to visit her.  I guess I was a teenager before I realized that her comment referred to the days of horse and buggies or wagons when a visitor actually had to alight from something in order to come in the house.

What is it about snow that transports us back to another time? 

I’m not sure. But I do know that Bacon’s Castle was never more beautiful than it was during this recent snowfall.

9 responses to “Never More Beautiful

  1. I’m proud to leave the first comment … These are very special pics, and y’all were definitely on-point that day to grab the best shots. I imagine there weren’t too many other folks out there capturing the moment !! The BC collection continues to grow ..!

  2. Couldn’t agree more about the beauty. And with the soft spot in our hearts for the Castle House, there’s no such thing as a picture of it that’s not special.

  3. Beautiful!! My Mom and Dad were married in the castle house on December 25th, 1934. They would have celebrated 76 yrs this Christmas. I am so proud of my heritage. Our ancestors left us much to be thankful for. I hope we never forget to tell their stories. Perhaps one day soon we can visit the castle as a family of cousins and reminisce. We could also stroll down memory lane at the Old Brick Cemetary where so many are buried. I would love to make that a goal for 2011. Perhaps we could plan a picnic on the Castle Lawn.

  4. Simply beautiful. You captured it well.

  5. These are the most amazing photos. I believe you and the Castle House have out done yourselves.

  6. Wow. Your photos never cease to amaze me. What gorgeous photos of a very very special place

  7. I was transported…I could totally seeing myself driving my coaching horse down this driveway to come “calling”. Just an awesome, awesome residence.
    Where is the carriage house? Or where *was* it?
    I tell you, I could look at these pictures (in all the postings about this place) all day long.

  8. I agree … the snow makes the Castle even more enchanting. MJ

  9. This is a beautiful picture of Bacon’s Castle. It’s lovely in the snow.

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