Oh, To Be a Kid Again


After hearing our friends talking about taking their grandchildren to the Yankee Candle Factory in Williamsburg, Motor Man and I decided to see it for ourselves this past weekend.

I think we were the only folks there without little children.  I suggested that maybe we could borrow a couple of little ones for an hour or so, but Motor Man didn’t go for that idea.

I loved this area of the shop, Holiday Park. Can you see all the twinkling lights in the ceiling? And every 4 minutes, it snows!

On either side of the bridge, there were little snow scenes like this.

We had our picture taken on the bridge, in front of the lanterns and the Christmas trees.

But this is where we SHOULD have had our picture taken! You can be a kid at any age, right?

7 responses to “Oh, To Be a Kid Again

  1. We have a f riend who absolutely loves Yankee Candles and the store/factory, whatever. I’ve heard it’s as great at Christmas as Coleman’s Nursery USED to be!

  2. Nice opener for the week of Christmas! & I agree with A.June .. definitely a Coleman’s reminder. I was also thinking about Mike’s Trainland.. Miss ’em both..

  3. The one and only time I went to Yankee Candle my allergies acted up big time. All those scents are something. You look like you enjoyed it though.

  4. grace depasquale

    I just know you had a great time. Maybe someday, I will visit it also with my grandchildren!!

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I use to love Coleman’s Nursery as a child and a parent and grandparent.
    Before they closed we were able to take our daughter and then both of our grandsons. I think we have a new place to go now. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I took Hilary and Trevor (great-niece and great-nephew) and Leigh Ann (their Mom) there the Christmas before Craig (my nephew) died. I’m so happy I did because I bought two each (at least!) ornaments for them and they had their names and Craig’s painted on some of them. Hopefully they will serve as a reminder of their last Christmas with him.

  7. Next Christmas I will have 3 kids for you to borrow! Motor Man and Keagan would get along great. . .Keagan is fascinated with steering wheels, cars, and trucks!

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