Once-a-Year Buddies


As I’ve mentioned before, my niece, Donna, and her son, Connor,  live W-A-Y too far from us. But in recent years, they’ve been visiting us for about a week during the summer.

And during that week, my son, Marshall, has a new buddy.

Each of them thinks the other is “pretty cool”.  I love the obvious concentration in this picture.

 It’s pretty easy to see that Connor loves Marshall.

And that Marshall feels the same way about Connor.

Last summer, Marshall and Connor played air guitar for us during breakfast at Bojangles. Such talent.

They may be once-a-year buddies, but the love is year-round.

11 responses to “Once-a-Year Buddies

  1. Connor looks like my brother’s grandson. Nikolas is 11.

  2. Makes me miss Connor, Donna AND Marshall even more than usual!

  3. The brother that Marshall never had. Such cute pictures.

  4. Boys…ya gotta love em.

  5. It’s always a treat when Donna & Connor visit, and it’s always an adventure and action packed time!! Looking forward to the ’11 trip!!!

  6. ” I love ya man !”

  7. Great post. i love seeing the towo of them together. Connor really looks forward to seeing evryone when ever we visit but I know Marshall holds a special place in his heart.
    Nothing like hanging out with your best bud.

  8. From Connor :

    “I love ya Man ! “

  9. Great story and great pictures! These two buds are making great memories together-even if it is only once a year!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It’s great for them both to be such good buds.

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