The Opposite Of Dreary


Our weather this week has been dreary and damp. The temperature, though not so low on the thermometer, has had a bone-chilling feel.  So I’ve been looking back at some of the sunrise pictures on my computer and imagining warmer weather.

During the summer, the sun rises directly across the river from our house. I love to open the curtains first thing in the morning and see the sun just peeping over the horizon.

If Motor Man is still in bed, he knows how photo-worthy the sunrise is by how quickly I run for the camera.

Sometimes the colors of the sky are so dramatic.

And other times, they’re very subtle.

Wait…..what is this?  We have an imposter! This is not a sunrise: it’s a moonrise!


6 responses to “The Opposite Of Dreary

  1. Love it! And the moonrise imposter is just as impressive as the sunrises!

  2. They are truly amazing shots. We too get to see both.

  3. I love the last picture of the moon. It’s still so light outside!

  4. You are so blessed to be able to have this view. These pictures are simply amazing. I love the color variation from each one. Beautiful work!

  5. Always love to see the newest sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset pics … & what a great view of the horizon … gotta’ have it for pics like these!!

  6. You have such a beautiful view-I am envious! We have stunning sunrise/sunsets/moons out here…I have been collecting photos to post too!
    I just wish we had that water view 🙂

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