Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

The Birds

This is the view from our bedroom window. That’s a fairly large piece of driftwood in the flower bed. And for some reason, on one particular evening last week, the sparrows were congregating on that driftwood.

They were actually fighting for a spot to land.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the blackbird’s role was in all of this. Was he wondering what in the world they were doing? Trying to figure out how to secure a spot for himself? Laughing at them?

I love this next photo. Check out the two birds on the right. What’s going on there?  A little kiss? A little close conversation?

Finally, they decided that they should all just get along.

There’s a lesson to be learned here.

Sail Away With Me

Last week, to celebrate Marshall’s birthday, he, Motor Man and I sailed on a tall ship. It was the Kalmar Nyckel, “the tall ship of Delaware”.

If you’d like to visit the web-site, here’s the link, where you’ll find this breath-taking photo.

photo courtesy of kalmarnyckel.org

The Kalmar Nyckel was in Yorktown, Virginia for the weekend, and since they offered a sail on Marshall’s birthday, it was perfect.

When we arrived at the Yorktown riverfront, she was waiting at the dock. What a beautiful ship.

There was a huge American flag on the stern. It seemed the perfect spot for a photo op.

Passengers were offered the opportunity to help with the ropes and sails. Marshall jumped at the chance.

And, although he was as careful as he could be, those ropes get moving pretty quickly, resulting in this:

I don’t think he really minded too much though. His “injuries” were a temporary souvenir of the trip.

The captain told us, after we returned to the dock, that the sailing conditions on this particular day were the kind that usually only occur about a half dozen days out of the year. It was great training for the crew, many of whom are volunteer. As passengers, we didn’t complain: our 2 1/2 hour sail lasted well over 3 hours.

And you know me: I’m gonna find a sunset.  This is the Coleman Bridge, which connects Yorktown and the Gloucester area.

The Kalmar Nyckel has a ship’s cat named Toolbox, so named because she was born in a toolbox during construction of the ship.  We didn’t see her until we docked at the end of our sail. I guess I not only find sunsets, but kitties, too.

In honor of his birthday, Marshall had his picture taken with Captain Lauren – yes, she’s the captain of the ship. And she knows her ship.

If you’re anywhere on the East Coast from New England to Virginia, and have the opportunity to sail on the Kalmar Nyckel, you won’t be disappointed.

Just be careful of those rope burns.