Daily Archives: June 27, 2011

Olden Days

Twenty-plus years ago, our little town began hosting an event known as Olden Days. It’s your typical small town festival: music, food, crafts, kids’ activities. But, in addition, Olden Days also has a Ghost Walk, a classic car show, a raft race on the river and events at our historic (1750) Courthouse.  

Olden Days returned this past weekend. Friday night, Main Street was closed to traffic, and, instead, was lined with classic cars. Our local oldies deejay, Tom, provided the music. It was nice to stroll along, look at the cars and let the memories take you back in time .

We drove our little ’32, so she could participate. (No, I don’t have memories of 1932.)

Folks gathered on the village green, located in front of our local newspaper office, for a beach music concert.

And the crowd spilled over into the street.

Again on Saturday morning, the street was closed. Booths offering crafts, food, and information about local businesses lined much of Main Street.

And the classic cars returned, including this 1931 Model A.

This car has been in the same family since 1933.  It is now owned by the grandson of the original owner. Displayed in the back seat…

The wedding gown and picture dated 1937, of – as best I can tell – the original owners.

How appropriate for Olden Days.