Daily Archives: June 15, 2011

VB 2

One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is all the new friends I’ve made out here in Blog-land.  Georgette Sullins is one such friend.  I hope you’ll visit her blog. Yesterday she surprised me with my second Versatile Blogger award. Thanks, Georgette!   Although I am concerned that all those nice things you said about me just might inflate my ego.

Now my task is to reveal seven things about myself, and to forward this award on to several other new (or newly discovered) bloggers.

Seven things about me not mentioned in previous posts:

1.  My hair wasn’t cut until the summer I was 7 years old.  This was my first grade picture. I was wearing a dress made by my mom, and sporting bangs also trimmed by my mom.

2.  I have 20 first cousins on my mom’s side of the family. (There were 23, but three have passed on in recent years.) 

3. I was a victim of bullying the entire twelve years I rode a school bus. Apparently before the senior bullies graduated and moved on, they taught the art of bullying to an underclassman or two. I can completely understand how those who are bullied can be driven to the point of violence.

4.  I took piano lessons for four years when I was a child, and, as an adult,  played the piano in  church for several years.

5 . I never learned to swim. Because my mom was afraid of the water. And instilled that fear in me.

6. I have worked as an executive secretary, a delivery driver, a retail sales clerk and a farm hand.

7. Re: my work history. I was in the clerical/secretarial world so long ago that I operated a Telex machine, a mimeograph, and a ditto machine. You’ll probably need to Google those, because I doubt you’re familiar with them. Suffice it to say: ancient technology.

And now, the Versatile Blogger rules require that I pass on this award to several other bloggers. I always hesitate to do this, not knowing how folks feel about blog awards. I’m always thrilled that someone thinks enough of my blog to nominate me. So I’m taking a chance and sending this award on to the following bloggers:

http://93percenttrue.wordpress.com/  –  I just discovered Jimmy’s blog last week. I think he found mine the day I was Freshly Pressed, and I followed the link he left with his comment.  I haven’t caught up on all his previous posts yet, but plan to do so soon.

http://mymemoryart.blogspot.com/  – I believe that Adrienne also discovered my blog on “Freshly Pressed day”.  She’s an amazing scrapbooker, and I love reading her posts.

http://www.swampbillyranch.com/ – I just discovered Debbie’s blog a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m a regular reader.

http://itsallaboutpurple-debbie.blogspot.com/ – Debbie has become a faithful reader and commenter on my blog. And I look forward to her posts!

http://www.thefarmersdaughter2.blogspot.com/ – I’ve been following Cheryl’s blog for quite some time. She writes about flowers, family, pets: all the things I’m interested in too!

Please take a minute to visit these folks. I promise their blogs will make you smile.

And thanks again, Georgette!