Daily Archives: June 1, 2011

One Mother To Another

This should make me mad.

A mother dove building a nest in my hanging geranium.

This will make watering the plant more difficult.  I’ll have to wait until both Mama and Daddy Dove are away from the nest to water. I’ll have to actually take the plant down when watering to be sure the nest doesn’t get wet. And I won’t be able to place the plant out on the ground when it rains.

But I can’t really be mad. Maybe it’s because I’m a Mom too. And I remember “nesting”.

While I was taking pictures, Daddy Dove flew in.

It’s hard to tell, but both of them were on the nest in this picture. That’s Mama Dove’s tailfeathers behind Daddy Dove.

 I don’t think Daddy Dove was comfortable at all with me being just on the other side of the window. They both flew away right after I took this picture. They may not return to finish building the nest.

But if they do I’ll keep you posted on this little family.

(Update: this post was written last night.  I just checked, and one of the doves is back on the nest this morning, so I guess there’s  a new family in the neighborhood!)