Daily Archives: June 4, 2011

Be You


Today…Relax. Taste, touch,
hear, see everything as if for
the first time. Feel thankful.
Count stars. Indulge yourself.
Go barefoot. Pay a
compliment. Practice a talent.
Speak softly. Take your time.
Let go of a worry. Take a
chance. Write a note. Return
a favor. Praise a child. Hope.
Play. Relive a memory. Dare
to dream. Hug a friend. Pick
daisies.  Surprise someone.
Watch the clouds. Listen to
the wind. Laugh out loud.
Trust God. Believe in
miracles. Sing. Try. Try again.
Walk in a park. Keep a
promise. Create a joy. Be
kind to yourself. Encourage
others. Let love be a part of
every thought and every-
thing you do. Be you.

~Today is my birthday. ~

I thought for a long time about what to post today. Then, I received a birthday present in this gift bag. The words above are printed along the sides of the bag.

I think it’s the perfect message for a birthday. Any day. Everyday.