Sundae, “The Bag Lady”

For those of you lucky enough to be owned by a cat, you know that kitties will choose a spot, then lie/sleep/play in that spot for a day, a week, a month, and then move on to another location.

One day a couple weeks ago, as I returned from a shopping trip, I walked into our bedroom, carrying a plastic shopping bag from Walmart . I had decided to return the item in the bag, so I just placed it by the door to help me remember to take it when I went back to my car.

Sundae decided that this shopping bag was her new spot. So I removed the item that had been inside. She went on to flatten that bag like a pancake. It’s become a sort of nest for her. After I realized that this was her current favorite place to be, I clipped the “handles”, so she wouldn’t get her head caught in them.

Last weekend, when we were expecting company, I put her bag in a closet. I didn’t think our guests would understand a flattened shopping bag on the floor. That evening, Sundae went to that corner and obviously was searching for her bag.

It almost seems sometimes that she’s “arranging” the bag with her paws or her nose.  She’ll glance at it from across the room, then run over and jump on it. We think she likes the sound the plastic makes.

Meanwhile Sundae has several new cat toys that are being completely ignored.  Maybe they’ll get some attention when she tires of being a bag lady kitty.

21 responses to “Sundae, “The Bag Lady”

  1. Sundae is curiously cute character to be sure. I know what you mean about the attention they give to stuff and then go on to other things, not only does our cat do that but our dog does also. Pets are so funny that way. Give that Sundae girl a good hug. 🙂

    • Oops, I apologize, I mis-typed, the first sentence should have read:
      Sundae is a seriously cute character filled with curiosity. lol
      I do wish wordpress would give us an edit option for our comments for at least an hour.
      Again I apologize for the mis-type and now I apologize for this double post.

  2. Cats are like small children…the simpler the toy, the more they like it. Every parent knows a child would much rather have the big box a toy comes in than the toy itself….
    Go for it, Bag Lady Sundae!!

  3. Aren’t they funny? She’s such a pretty kitty, and obviously much loved. I always enjoy a post about a Sundae girl 🙂 MJ

  4. Don’t you love how all of a sudden cats/kitties just pounce? All of a sudden you have to wonder “What’s all the excitement about?” They add a lot around the house.

  5. cute story. brought back memories of buying expensive toys for my boys, only to find them playing in the box the toy came in!!!

  6. We have called our cat Whiskers “The Bag Lady” for years! If we believed in reincarnation, she would have been a former homeless bag lady in another life. She however only goes for the environmentally friendly type – paper grocery bags. She goes inside them, lays on them etc. It makes for much fun with all type of cat expressions – curiosity killed the cat, but especially don’t let the cat out of the bag. I also remove the bag after a bit, to save face when we have visitors.

  7. she is so beautiful AND cute too!

  8. Love it!! She makes me yearn for a kitty!

  9. I had wondered if she likes the way it feels ?? You’ll have to experiment with different types of bag after she moves on from that one !!! It’s definitely her favorite spot .. (for now) 😉

  10. Cats are such characters and Sundae is no exception! Paper bags also make great kitty toys.

  11. I love the dilated pupils in the last photo. It looks like she’s charged and ready to go.

  12. I love it when cats discover bags. We had Chinese take-out at my son’s not long ago and I set one of the paper bags on the floor and his cat starting playing in it. It’s just so fun to watch!

  13. Aren’t kitties funny? And fun to watch! Our Stormy loves bags and when I come home from shopping, she’s right in there nosing around to see what I brought home and then likes to play with the emptied bags. Your Sundae is a pretty bag kitty!

  14. Sounds like my Sadie. We will go to a food place where the to go bags are huge. We place them on the floor so they can play or hide inside. Then when I notice they are uninterested I do away with it. I have these little bags in a huge bag and they managed to get inside it and sleep. For my husband’s birthday came a framed picture and they gave it to him an a huge bag, both Sadie and Jazmine where sleeping, fighting, playing in it. Man I love cats. :0) Who needs to buy cat toys…hehe the same with babies…who needs the toy they love the boxes…hehe :0)

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A kitty likes what a kitty likes (at the time)

  16. Ah, for the love of a plastic bag, even when there are much more comfortable places to lie down. Ceilidh (Kaylee) likes to lie up against the laundry pile, clean or dirty. Or in a box, or on M’Lord. Dara, lately, has taken to curling up behind the printer on M’Lord’s desk. Or in the middle of his desk, or on his chair, or on a closed box on his desk. The cat hair collection on his desk is amazing. Their favorite “toy” right now is a ball chain hanging from a drawer in the den. Sheesh.

  17. How delightful! Both of my five-year-old cats died, unexpectedly, within a couple of months of each other last summer. It was a joy to read about Sundae’s baglady syndrome and recall the same kinds of behaviors I observed in my two.

  18. You made me remember my Heidi. I had a silver tipped persian that was 17 when she died. She once got “caught” in a walmart plastic bag and started running…because of the sound, after all, it WAS chasing her!! The more she ran, the more the bag got tangled.. IT was so funny. I couldn’t get to her under the bed to get it off of her. I fiinally did and she never got close to another bag, if she heard one, she would be gone, “hiding” for awhile!
    Thanks for the memory!

  19. I love how you said “owned by a cat” 🙂 So true!

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