Looks Like We’re In For Nasty Weather

6 pm update:  the storm is 1-2 hours from our area.  The wind has intensified, and they’re predicting tides could be 1-2 feet higher than any storm we’ve ever seen. That’s a little concerning to us. Water may get under our house, but it won’t get IN our house.

Mama Dove has remained on her nest through this entire storm. I don’t think I’ll attempt to post the picture I took – this laptop is tempermental at best. We still have power, but not our internet. I’m using a Virgin Mobile card and it’s “iffy” sometimes.

We had a major issue with windows leaking, but Motor Man came to the rescue and realized what was happening and fixed the problem. I’ve been rinsing and drying towels most of the afternoon.

I’ll really be surprised if we don’t lose power this evening, and will post a longer update with photos once my “real” internet service has been restored.  We’ve also lost our cable tv, so we’re listening to our local tv station’s simulcast on radio.

That’s the latest.  I may update later this evening, but if not, definitely in the morning.

Thanks again for your concern and prayers!


Noon update:  tide is rising, but not near our deck. Windows on the water side of the house are leaking, but we still have electricity!Oh – and the wind is howling!

Irene is knocking on our door, and things are getting interesting. Here’s the radar image from just a few minutes ago; we’re just to the left of the “N” in Norfolk. Right about where that red watch-box line is.

The rain woke me at 3:30 this morning. The wind and rain woke me again at 5.

Here are a few facts so far:

  • We already have water coming in around our windows. That’s a given when we have northeast winds. So I keep a stash of old towels to use at times like these. The only problem comes if when we lose electricity and I can’t use my dryer.
  • Sundae keeps staring at the ceiling. She’s obviously never heard wind and rain like this.
  • Poor little Mama Dove. We removed everything else in our yard that could blow away, but didn’t want to upset her, so we left the hanging basket. She is now “swaying”, to put it mildly.  But she’s still sitting on her nest. Wish I could bring her inside, but she’d probably prefer the hurricane force winds over a visit with Sundae.
  • Motor Man is so concerned about the storm that he’s still asleep. He napped during most of Isabel, while I paced. So today may be a repeat of that.

Sorry, readers, no sunrise Saturday this week.

This is our side yard; I see that we already have a limb down. Probably the first of many.

 I’ll update this post later today, if possible.  And thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate them!

25 responses to “Looks Like We’re In For Nasty Weather

  1. Good morning, we got up, turned on the weather channel and have been waiting for your post. Try and keep us posted. In our thoughts and prayers Jerry and Kathy

  2. Thank you for the update – and for others during the day if you are able. Through your eyes I am able to experience Irene – but in a very safe place. Wish you were here with me – in the warm Kentucky sunshine! But, like you, I don’t know that I would want to leave me home. I pray that Irene will be gentle while she passes.

  3. I am praying for your safety, Dianna. It looks so scary.

  4. I am very worried about you! I am watching CNN right now and they are showing a reporter on the NC coast. It looks sooo scary. My prayers are with you, Dianna!

  5. Good luck and hold tight! I woke around 5 from the wind as well…still haven’t been back to sleep! Maybe we’ll nap when Livy does. 🙂

  6. Thank you for your update. You and your homestead are very much in our thoughts. You are right in its path. Take care and be safe.

  7. First post I read this morning; hang in there!

  8. oh, i wish you could sleep like motor man… poor mama dove!

  9. I was thinking about you this morning when I heard that Irene had made landfall! Please keep us posted and we WILL be praying for you!

  10. We’re just starting to get the rain and wind here…wont get bad for us until later this evening…Thanks for posting, helps to see others who are riding it out with you!

  11. I’ll take my 50+ days of 100 degrees this summer anytime over a hurricane. I have been in 1 tornado…that’s not fun, I can’t imagine it going on for many hours not to mention the flooding! Stay safe…I wish you would’ve gone somewhere else!! Please keep us posted….do you have a facebook page?

  12. Thank you for the update; so glad to know you are safe.. MJ

  13. So I guess there willl be no “hurricane parties” at your house, what with Motor Man sleeping away! 🙂 Hope your electricity stays on, so your dryer stays operational, so you have as many dry towels as you need! I just can’t imagine what you all must be going through.
    Be thinkin’ of ya all day.

  14. Continuing to keep you and Motor Man in my prayers. Hope you’ll be able to stay in contact with the world — not only to post for us — but especially to stay informed of what’s going on around you! God bless!

  15. We’re hoping your electricity hangs in there AND that the water doesn’t come up any closer to your house! Poor Sundae – it’s scary when you have no idea what all that hubbub is about (scary too when you DO know!). We’re praying for you…….things here aren’t bad – windy and rainy but nothing major – besides we’re on a hill thankfully!

    Pam and Sam (Sam sends hugs to Sundae)

  16. It’s a good day for sleeping. 🙂 Hope your electricity holds out.

  17. Glad to see you still had electricity at noon — At least, you’ve been able to keep drying those towels! Hope the water will stop rising before it gets too close to you! Take care, Dianna! Prayers continue. 😉

  18. So scary! Thoughts and prayers being sent your way…

  19. scarey stuff…..we are getting rain in new jersey right now. still no wind, but i think it is coming!!!! your going to have a beautiful sunrise on monday for sure!!

  20. For those of you with comment subscriptions, I’ve posted a couple of updates to this post today. Thanks!

  21. Hope you keep your electricity as long as possible…and that the water doesn’t rise as much as predicted. Kudos to Motor Man for fixing the window-leak problem! Thanks for keeping your blogger friends updated. Prayers continue! ;0)

  22. Oh, hate losing power! Been raining here in Philly since noon, and ground is so saturated that we are getting rain into basement from a window. Got a barrel under it but looks like we are going to have to be on dry-vac duty all night. Ugh! Watching CNN news and now they are reporting tornadoes and it hasn’t even reach us yet.
    Stay safe!!!

  23. You have all been in my thoughts all day … praying for your continued safety & well being. Hugs MJ

  24. we are still just getting rain in new jersey and a lil wind. we still have power. keeping my fingers crossed for everyone….i hope you get a lil sleep!!!

  25. Glad you were able to fix the window leak issue. I remember having a leaky window, no fun! Hope all returns to “normal” quickly.

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