($5) Cheeseburgers In Paradise

One of our local restaurants, which just happens to be located on the waterfront, features a $5.00 cheeseburger and fries combo every Monday evening.   So Motor Man and I usually go there for dinner.

Sometimes we persuade Marshall to join us.

My two favorite guys in the whole world.  I wish I could remember what they were discussing.

It’s nice to stroll along the boardwalk after dinner and enjoy the sunset.

I’m not sure if the restaurant will continue to offer $5.00 cheeseburger nights during the winter.

But even if they do,  we’ll miss the summer sunsets on the boardwalk.

24 responses to “($5) Cheeseburgers In Paradise

  1. Beautiful lighting in that first one! And of course the sunset is gorgeous!

  2. When I first saw the heading of today’s blog, I thought it was about the restaurant, “Cheeseburgers in Paradise”. They definitely do NOT have $5. cheesburgers and fries OR do they have such a fantastic view!

  3. $5 for cheeseburgerand fries – that’s good value. I’ll bet it was tasty as well:)). Looks like a lovely place with great views.

  4. Your post had a really nice rhythm. And so much peace!

  5. Sounds and looks like a lovely way to enjoy a walk through paradise. I love cheeseburgers. They’re one of m favorite food groups. 🙂

  6. Do they charge for that beautiful view?? I would gladly pay!!

  7. Great deal and beautiful sites. Can’t beat that!

  8. We have a local place here with $5 cheeseburger specials too…but it does not have the view. Beautiful beautiful view.
    I don’t think our area has taken full advantage of the fact that we have such a beautiful waterfront…sad isn’t it?

  9. As Natalie said above, this post does have a nice rhythm to it and the sunset, oh my…on the water like that?! Nice.
    Maybe that’s what Motor Man and Marshall were talking about…how they hope that place offers that cheeseburger deal right though winter cause a winter sunset over the water will be darn near as pretty!

  10. Marshall and Motor Man are always planning something. Wonder what it was this time!! Beautiful post.

  11. that’s exactly why i don’t cook!! hahaha

  12. Cheeseburger, boardwalk stroll and a sunset! Does it get any better than that!?!!

  13. Sounds like a perfect evening! Beautiful sunset!

  14. Beautiful scenery and $5 burgers? Sounds like the perfect combo!

  15. what a nice tradition! 🙂

  16. Good times! I think we were talking about a possible storm off in the other direction, but who knows?! I remember it was tricky to get good sunset pics from that angle, but that last one turned out great !

  17. WOW…..that’s a really YUMMY bargain and here’s hoping it continues! Looks like a gorgeous spot to enjoy a sunset too – a perfect ending to a $5 meal with your two favorite guys. Sam says he doesn’t know what a cheeseburger is but it sounds good…..especially the cheese part!

    Pam (and Sam)

  18. That sounds sooo good (it’s lunch time here ;)! Nice family pictures too!

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a nice treat on Monday nights. I love eating where you can view the water. So glad Marshall could join you. Does he live close by?

  20. Looks like a good time was had by all. Beautiful pictures.

  21. Dianna,
    You represent NC and its OBX so well! Gorgeous sunsets and affordable cheeseburgers – what could be better! And they must be good or you wouldn’t keep returning.

  22. What a wonderful post! Great dinner and a sunset!

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