Pumpkin. Vine.

My son, Marshall, is today’s guest photographer.  He sent me this photo of a sweet potato vine (grown by his dad) that is attempting to take over the world.

The pumpkin was just placed on the step a few days ago, and the vine is already overtaking it.

If that vine continues to grow at this rate (and barring an early frost), the pumpkin will be completely hidden from view by Halloween.

19 responses to “Pumpkin. Vine.

  1. What a nice play of colors – the bright, pale green of the vine against the orange pumpkin! That is one happy vine!

  2. The pumpkin is so pretty, but be oh so careful that the vine doesn’t find its way into your house and up the stairs and into your bedroom and up on your bed…. Scary twilight zone story maybe.

  3. Looks like a scary Halloween story is about to happen.

  4. Great shot, Marshall!

  5. What an amazing story and shot. This photography surely runs in your family…………………

  6. That vine is SCARY!

  7. Very pretty colors. Will there be sweet potatoes to harvest from this vine?

  8. Love the photo….colors are wonderful but I agree with others who think that sweet potato vine is about to conquer the world! The pumpkin, however, looks PERFECT!

    Pam (and Sam)

  9. oh wow! that’s pretty cool. and scary! i’d be afraid to sleep at night!

  10. This is a neat photo from Marshall! That’s one rambling vine you have there!

  11. Thank you for the guest photgrapher honor again! We really didn’t know it was capable of this when it was planted. I just hope it doesn’t live long enough to become self-aware. It’s right on the steps, and I try not to step on it .. I don’t want to anger it. 😉

  12. Beautiful picture…and no, Marshall, lol… I don’t think you want to make it angry.

  13. Love the colors. That is one healthy sweet potato vine! Good capture, Marshall.

  14. i love sweet potato vines….they grow better then weeds and you can’t kill them!! i also love the color and it looks awesome with the orange pumpkin!!

  15. Oh what a big beautiful vine. It’d be interesting to know how many sweet potatoes it produces. The pumpkin looks like it grew there. lol I love fun vegetation like this. Thank you Marshall for sharing it with us. You’re a peach. 🙂

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Amazing! The color contrast is pretty.

  17. I’ve never heard of a sweet potato vine…Learn something new everyday. And I just love the colors in the shot. Makes me happy – looks like a cheery pumpkin, and vine for that matter!

  18. Love the fall picture!

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