Happiness In A Sketch

Drawing is a talent that has been hit-or-miss in my family. My dad could draw, my sister can draw, my nieces can draw, my son can draw.  But that talent definitely “missed” me.

Today, I’m bragging on my niece, Donna. She and her son live in Texas, and they visited with us last week (more on their visit soon). When Donna came, she brought a gift for her Mom.  It was a sketch she had done of her Grandma and was based on our very favorite photo of her.

This picture was taken by my sister, June, (Donna’s mom). Our mom had never done any traveling, so June treated her to a short trip to Myrtle Beach for a weekend back in the 1980’s.  Mom’s scarf had slipped off her head, and she was reaching for the ends of it right as June snapped the picture.

This is Donna’s sketch.

As someone who’s incapable of drawing a straight line, I was, obviously, amazed when I saw this.

But, I wanted to include in this post Donna’s thoughts about her sketch:  she doesn’t think she captured the happiness her Grandma was feeling when the photo was taken.

I guess each of us is our own best/worst critic. I think it’s perfect, and I bet Donna’s mom does too.

And I know her Grandma does.

24 responses to “Happiness In A Sketch

  1. To get this from Donna was a surprise. I agree that she did a fantastic job….I think she really did re-create the happiness Mama was feeling that day. I was so glad I could bring some joy to her life. Thank you for posting this.

  2. What wonderful talent! I think she did an amazing job!

  3. I think Donna did a remarkable job capturing happiness with her sketch…..I’ve always admired the talent of capturing “moments” in a drawing since I’ve never been able to do that as an artist. Beautiful job – a very special gift.


  4. Donna is a talented artist in the making. Not only did she capture the happiness in your Mom’s heart, you can also see the love from her own heart as well. I think she did a magnificent job. ~applause~

  5. I think that is a marvelous picture, Donna has a talent there I would say. It must be so great to be artistic like that, that’s a talent that has definately bypassed me as well.

  6. What an amazing surprise and tender gesture! Love it!

  7. I think she looks whimsical! What a precious gift…

  8. Oh, my goodness. I love the picture and the drawing is magnificent. Tell you niece I said so. If she cares to pass along some of her talent, I’d be the first in line to get some!

  9. I think sweetness and happiness exude from that sketch.

  10. What a precious drawing – What a precious gift! Wonderful.

  11. I’m really glad this made it as a post. Donna has an amazing ability, and it really shows in this. I see happiness all over it!

  12. I think Donna did a great job, and I know she enjoyed the hours she worked on it…reliving moments in time as she set about putting pencil to paper.

  13. Love this!! My husband can sketch. He hasn’t done it lately, but I found some of his old works and have begged him to do one of Bugaboo!! Good to be back reading your blogs again (your site got blocked again at work and I haven’t been online at home in ages) so now I get to play catch up although I still read them in my e-mail everyday. I guess being able to log on at work is a hit or miss now! don’t know what the deal is!

  14. what a beautiful drawing!!

  15. awesome job !

  16. I think she captured her happiness just perfectly. I am amazed by people who can draw. My grandpa was an artist – and that talent definitely missed me too!

  17. What a beautiful drawing and such a personal keepsake – a real treasure!!

  18. how very sweet. i do admire folks who can do portraits. i cannot!

  19. Anything that comes from the heart is a precious gift. The love your Mother gave is coming back tenfold.

  20. Wow!! What a great talent!! She captured the expression of happiness just perfectly!

  21. beautiful, i love it! Donna has real talent!
    I definitely cannot draw to save my life. Heck, I can’t even doodle properly! 🙂

  22. I do love this. I think your niece can definitely draw! And the photograph is so spontaneous…like capturing her in motion.

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a treasure! Donna did a wonderful job. I know her grandmother is looking down and is very proud of her.

  24. Thank you Dianne and everyone for the kind words. It is always good to have feedback on my artwork. I really enjoyed working on the sketch and hope to do another piece perhaps in pastel.
    I would love to think Grandma was looking over my shoulder as I worked.

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