Castle Sunrise

Recently, Marshall & I headed out at “0 dark thirty” to catch the sunrise at Bacon’s Castle. He and I both have many, many photos of the house and property, but realized we’d never been there at that time of day.

It was a beautiful morning to be up and about so early.

 Marshall says the Castle just begs to be photographed.

I love this one that he took of the sunrise through the trees on the front lawn.

And this one of the barnyard area at golden hour. Even with algae on the fence, it’s still a beautiful photo.

When Bacon’s Castle was built, the front door was in the area of the house that’s illuminated in the morning light in this next picture.  It was known as the porch tower. Sometime in the 1700’s, an addition was built and joined to the original house by way of a “hyphen”. The front door was then moved to the hyphen.

Yes, this house begs to be photographed. And Marshall and I oblige every chance we get.

20 responses to “Castle Sunrise

  1. You are right – it’s just waiting to be photographed. I love the picture of the sunrise between the trees. Great shot!!!!

  2. (smiling) I guess I’m up early to see the sunrise. Beautiful photos of a beautiful homestead. All those chimneys must have kept the house warm at this time of year.

  3. Sunrises – no matter WHERE they are photographed it seems – are wonderful to see. Bacon’s Castle happens to be extraordinarily photogenic at any time of day or night but this was sure the “perfect” morning to capture great pix! You and Marshall were rewarded for your early departure that’s for sure…………


  4. I am so glad to see these photos from all angles and in such perfect morning light. It is such a special, beautiful place.

  5. More great shots, but this time of your favorite things all together! Definitely a keeper. Did you have the sense of seeing it as your ancestors did at the first light of day? No wonder its so special to you.

  6. Beautiful photos…well worth getting out so early.

  7. Not so spooky at the Golden Hour! Thanks for posting such great pix!

  8. Honestly Dianna, you and Marshall have outdone yourselves. Your photos of Bacon Castle echoes the beauty of the love you both feel for it. Awesome, just awesome. 🙂

  9. I just LOVE old brick. So beautiful in that light! You’re right about the photo Marshall took – misty morning magic. And I love that you have a shot of him taking the shot!

  10. I think that the very best part of this post is the fact that you know the history behind that beauty of a house … lovely

  11. i love that shot thru the trees too! what a grand place!

  12. Definitely worth the early departure … And I had decided that the shot through the trees was one of my favorites, too! It was one of those that I didn’t really expect much from, but turned out to be one of the best (that didn’t feature the house!!) I told people for years that this house had a different ‘feel’ at night. But it has a different one in the morning, too 😉

  13. Definitely! Your son is so right, this house begs to be photographed. Your pictures captivated the allure perfectly!

  14. I wouldn’t have even noticed the algea had you not mentioned it. There were too many other beautiful focal points for the eye. Did you get breakfast while you were out? 🙂

  15. Your golden-hour glimpses of Bacon’s Castle are stunning, Dianna, and I love your “o dark thirty” time stamp! 😉 I may have to copy that and use it later. That’s the time I usually get up-and-going when we’re about to take a trip(!) Thanks for sharing your beautiful early-morning scenes with us.

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I have learned more about Bacon’s Castle history and seem more of it
    sense reading your blog, than I ever did when I lived and grew up in
    Surry. It is great to see part of my home’s history.

  17. These are some amazing photos and the castle looks so beautiful in the morning light!

  18. This structure is so impressive and imposing. The light softens it considerably. Beautiful photos, as always.

  19. The Castle really is beautiful Dianna! Great photos one and all!

  20. Love your photos – I will post mine on my blog sometime!

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