Full Wolf Moon

Today, I’m sharing a few pictures we took of this week’s full moon, also known as the Full Wolf Moon, or Old Moon.

This was the moon on Saturday, shining over Bride and Groom Swan as they took a sunset cruise. I named this picture “Moon River”.

“Two drifters, off to see the world,
There’s such a lot of world to see.”

You may recall yesterday’s barn post. This next picture was taken Sunday during that same stop – directly across the highway from the barn. Motor Man and I both took pictures during this stop, and we believe he took this one.

And just a little further along, the moon was shining over this cow pasture, near Motor Man’s parents’ house.

When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator.                Mahatma Gandi

27 responses to “Full Wolf Moon

  1. Just love that last shot; the cattle look so peaceful!

  2. There were some wonderful moon shots this week….didn’t know about the “Wolf” moon designation but I like it! Great photos – that last one in particular.


  3. Great pics-I love that it’s called Wolf Moon. Your swans look quite content in the moonlight-so pretty!

  4. It has been spectacular to watch the moon this week. Sunday I watched it out the car window on the 90 minute drive home from the cape…passing in and out of the clouds. In the mornings it’s been huge out my bedroom window in the pink sky. Didn’t know it was called a wolf moon either! You got some great shots ~ and I love the lyrics accompanying the first!

  5. I’ll have to ask Rick about the wolf moon. Something new for me. Each picture is so quiet and lovely.

  6. Now I have the song Moon River stuck in my head! I love the one of the moon over the cows.

  7. Seeing Groom and Bride swans always warms my heart. Beautiful shots of the moon.

  8. Stunning shots Dianna! The Swan couple make my heart smile. Can I use the top shot for my background on my laptop?

  9. That defintely in a big old moon in that clear sky. Great shots.

  10. ‘Moon River’….shades of Andy Williams….the Bride and Groom swans know a romantic scene! And they just add to the romance! Lovely shots!

  11. These are beautiful!! I love watching the changes in the moon. I wanted to get a picture of the moon as it went down below the horizon one morning, but it was gone before I got the camera; shows how fast time flies by.

  12. Lovely! I shot some of that moon too:-)

  13. i like the cattle one1 🙂

  14. Lovely photos, Dianna! I’m glad sweetdaysundertheoaks prompted me to swing by! I will be back. Your swan photo makes me envious, because of a specific incident that happened to me last spring. You might be interested in what happened:


    Once again, love your post today!

  15. The last one is my favorite, but I’m always glad to see the swans! Nice photos!
    Be sure and stop by my blog, I have something there for you! 😀

  16. All the old Native American moon names are intriguing .. there are websites devoted to the topic, and are good reads !! Love the twilight setting for these; an entirely different tint from other times !!

  17. so beautiful! You rarely see the moon illuminated so wonderfully when there is still some daylight present

  18. What great shots! You always manage to find the perfect spot for photos, and you probably have your camera nearby all the time, just in case! I really love the view with the cows…

  19. Love the Moon River reference with that photo! And Bride and Groom Swan make two perfect drifters off to see the world.

  20. Your moon shots are all so restful-looking. I like the “Moon River” title! 🙂

  21. Love the quote, and of course, any picture with Groom Swan.

  22. Love these, all of them! And Moon River, too. 🙂

  23. I have never had any luck photographing the moon…maybe this is my year!

  24. What beautidul scenery. There is something really magical about the moon. I love photographing it as it rises, before it’s totally dark (and I love shooting the full moon too!).
    Your quote is one of my favourites…. I have used it for a link up called Quotography. It goes well with sunsets and moon shots.

  25. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Lovely pictures!

  26. lately I have been fascinated by the different phases of the Moon..also taking lots of pics.When I venture back to the UK I am in wonder at the beauty of the resident Swans…I live in Western Australia where the emblem is the Black Swan.. so to see all 3 together is a wonderful gift..thankyou.

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