Friday’s Fences

Yesterday, I happened to drive down a street in town that I’d never been on before. I turned off one of the major thoroughfares in town, but after driving just a short distance, the scenery changed quickly from town to country.

And there I found today’s Friday’s Fences photo.

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28 responses to “Friday’s Fences

  1. Very nice shot! The horse looks like he is waiting for someone…or something, maybe lunch?

  2. Oh great! Just when you think you really “know” your own town, you go down a different street and there it is – a prize-winning photo in the making. Very nice view – fence, horse, trees – beautiful!


  3. I can’t believe there’s a street you haven’t been down in “our” town! It’s nice to be surprised!

  4. Beautiful, peaceful image this find Friday. Thank you, Dianna.


  5. Oh yeah! A fence and a horse makes a very nice photo this morning Dianna! I clicked to enlarge and it looks to be a palomino, very pretty I think 🙂
    Hope he or she wasn’t alone out there!

  6. taking a run. great photos. (:

  7. Wow! Your photo is beautiful! What a wonderful discovery for you to find. Sweet! 🙂

  8. Diane, you certainly have “the eye” Great picture.

  9. Great picture of the country life.

  10. Very interesting picture…verticals, horizontals and diagonals… You are gifted in translating what you see through the lens.

  11. I love that view!! And if it is close to town, so much the better!!!

  12. He looks like he’s waiting for a friend to come along.

  13. very pretty!

  14. Aww, so pretty! Something is so beautiful about horses. I’d never want one myself (too much work!), but they are beautiful creatures!

  15. The horse looks like he wants to be on the other side. Love this.

  16. Wow! A fence like this makes a farm look so pretty! I’d like that around my yard.

  17. ok, finally! I’ve only been here three times and keep getting interrupted before I can SAY anything! How dare the people at work actually NEED something…anyhow, this is about YOU, not me! I LOVE THIS! This is what a fence (every fence??) should look like! I think MJ said it best – such a peaceful pic ~ an idyllic image for us to enjoy this Friday morning….except now it’s the afternoon….sigh!

  18. Love it when it goes from town to country instantly! … not sure where this is; I don’t think I’ve ever been by here before …

  19. that is worthy of a shot!

  20. A serene rural scene!
    I can just imagine that horse running with tail flying behind.
    I’m glad there is still some open space like this in your area.

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love the picture. The horse and the background is wonderful.

  22. You sure did! Great shot, Dianna.

  23. Isn’t is grand when we drive down a road to find a surprise waiting for us and our cameras. This is such a pretty scene. Very pastoral. Nice capture. genie

  24. Farm animals can be so endearing the way that they come up to a fence and peep over like they’re trying to entice you to come and chat with them for awhile. I’m studying your photo and can’t figure out where you live? The adjoining field looks like it has been plowed recently.

  25. Nice country scene….and so close to town!

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