House For Rent…Cheep

Sometime last year, I purchased this sweet bird house at an antique shop. I really don’t think it’s old, and probably isn’t handcrafted, but that little screened door called my name.

I searched for a long time for the perfect post on which to mount it. A few months ago, I found that at a little shabby chic shop on the Outer Banks. But I couldn’t decide on an exact location in our yard for the bird house, so it had remained unassembled.

Until last week, when I made that decision. And, as soon as I asked, Motor Man went to work on my latest project. (Usually much larger jobs take place in his shop. And they involve horsepower.) And no, that red spot isn’t Motor Man’s tongue…it’s apparently something on the back wall.

But, as is always the case, Motor Man did an excellent job.

This is a side view. It makes me think of a summer cottage.

And now, we’re just waiting for a special little family to make it their home.

‘Will rent for a song’


27 responses to “House For Rent…Cheep

  1. What a perfect home for a lucky bird family. The ones around my house usually nest in the flower pots and trees. Yours gets a high rise! Perfect.

  2. I love it! We got a bluebird house last week at the birding festival – still not put together yet – but it will not be as fancy as your bird house! This is simply lovely!

  3. How charming. Maybe the birds will forego your flower baskets this year.

  4. I think it’s just irresistible and no doubt a charming little bird family will too! That screened door is perfect…..up on that post it’s a nice safe spot to raise a family. YAY for Motor Man doing such a grand job of “home assembly”…..

    Pam and Sam

  5. That is so cute! The screen door really is the perfect touch. Is that a table leg he mounted it on? What a handy guy 🙂

  6. Now that is just lovely – I wonder who your first visitor will be!!

  7. Hope you soon have a bird family moving in to your vacant penthouse!

  8. Very charming rental! I am sure you will have no problem renting it out. It sure has great curb appeal and it comes with a view!

  9. I’m still laughing at the thought of your title and last caption. I agree, the screen door makes this little house absolutely adorable. Thank you for the smiles.

  10. Glad you held out for such a great mounting post…it’s perfect. Oh, and good job MM!

  11. I love that bird house! It is so unique. I know you’ll have many happy days watching the birds raise their little families in it! We’ll all be expecting pictures of the happy couple and their eggs and hatchlings!

  12. Those little treasures found at anitque shops or yard sale are always the best ones. He did a fine job an putting them both together. A very hand – man. Fun title ….

  13. I can’t imagine you could ask for better neighbors to live in that lovely house. I would love to visit that shop if you don’t mind sharing it with us.
    Very cute, Diane

  14. So cute. If you come across a 3 bedroom version somewhere near Tennessee, let me know. I’d live in that in a heartbeat 🙂

  15. How sweet! LOVE how the post and the house go together…and I’m a huge fan of pretty brick…so I love that it stands in your garden up against the brick!

  16. really cute. very cottage-y. 🙂

  17. It’s perfect ! I love it !

  18. I love it! I hope it finds a nice family.

  19. A mounted saltbox-style birdhouse rented out for a song ?? You shouldn’t have to wait too long 😉 Great job, MMan ! Love the play(s) on words ….

  20. Oh I really like this, Dianna! I love birdhouses, and the “pole” this one is mounted on is the icing on the cake.

  21. Definately one of the cutest bird houses I’ve ever seen and you found the perfect pole and spot for it!

  22. That is the cutest birdhouse! I’d move in, but you wouldn’t to hear me sing. Funny tongue comment. lol I like that pole, reminds me of the ones that were on my parents’ back porch. Gotta appreciate a meticulous man and a job well done.

  23. This is the most charming bird house I have ever seen! That post is perfect! Motor Man sure has a knack! I hope you get birds there and they come back every year!

  24. Very charming! I’ll bet you have boarders in no time at all. I love the pole, it gives me an idea for a bird house I bought for my blue birds.
    Is this bird house near a window that Sundae can look out?

  25. Awe, how enchanting. You have a great eye for charming birdhouses. 🙂

  26. Absolutely adorable! Some lucky birdies will have a lovely house. And Sundae will have fun watching them move in, I bet! 😉

  27. LOVE your little house and especially the screen door. I was surfin’ for bird house screen door ideas and found your blog — thanks for the inspiration!

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