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Random Five Friday

Who’s ready for some randomness?

1.) Gypsy says “thank you” again to Sammy and his pawrents for her kitty cube (Christmas gift).  After ignoring it for the past couple of months, she recently rediscovered it, and has been playing in it once again.


2.) Perhaps it’s because we had a such a cold, damp spring, but I just hadn’t been interested in planting anything…..until this week. With a few warm days this week, I’ve started buying and planting. But I’m definitely cutting back on how much I plant this year; the thought of dragging water hoses all over the yard to keep everything watered all summer isn’t appealing to me .

3.) With that in mind, remember this vintage bicycle that I bought while antiquing one day with my friend, Donna? I’ve been on the watch for a basket for it, but couldn’t decide if I wanted wicker or wire. Then I remembered this little tin flower bucket that I had stored in the garage. Motor Man drilled a couple of holes in it and attached it to the bike for me. Yesterday, I planted lantana and lobelia in it. I’m hoping that keeping it sprayed with Liquid Fence will convince the deer that it isn’t their personal smorgasboard.


4.) As I was working outside yesterday afternoon, I saw something that made me smile. Bride Swan and Groom Swan both appeared to be taking afternoon naps.

bride swan sleeping 5-14-2014 2-25-46 PM

It makes me happy that both of them feel so secure in our yard that they render themselves this vulnerable.

groom swan sleeping 5-14-2014 2-26-26 PM

5.) Today is forecast to be a rainy, stormy day. But yesterday…yesterday was almost perfect, especially at sunrise.

sunrise 5-15-2014 6-10-19 AM

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