Barn Charm – Sycamore Cross

For today’s Barn Charm, I had to dig deep into the barn photo stash. And I give you: two weathered old barns for the price of one.

This picture was taken last November (I told you I dug deep), and is in an area of our county known as Sycamore Cross.  No, you won’t find it on a map.

Judging by the equipment in the background, I’m guessing these barns are still in use.

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16 responses to “Barn Charm – Sycamore Cross

  1. Okay, now I am curious…if my dad were still alive, he would probably know where that is! But, alas, I haven’t heard of that area! Lovely shot of the barns though!

  2. Great barns….in VERY good shape too other than the fact they need some more beautiful red paint! It’s always nice to see an old weathered barn that’s still “doing duty” rather than left to go to ruin!

    Pam and Sam

  3. really pretty. yes, love the weathered wood.

  4. That is my favorite style of barn! Looks to be in great shape for it’s age…wish I could say the same for myself! haha 🙂

  5. And for the life of me, I can’t remember where Sycamore Cross is. One thing about it, there’s an abundance of odd place names in Isle of Wight and Surry counties. Glad those barns are still used.

  6. Lovely red, weathered wood. Doesn’t get any better than this!

  7. Perfectly lovely barn…

  8. It’s so interesting to see the many shapes of barns. This is a pretty barn!

  9. I love the name, “Sycamore Cross” and I like that you were able to capture two architecturally different barns in one shot…the Monitor and the Gable style…cool!

  10. Double barns, must be a big farm. That was a great find!

  11. A two-fer! Two for the price of one, what a bargain!

  12. Sycamore Cross is an interesting spot on the backroads … Right ” across the field ” from these is another structure that has a little mystery all its own … and unfortunately, it’s falling down. I can’t remember if you’ve ever mentioned it in a post ?? I don’t even know a name for it ….

  13. Very nice ~ I have a barn to blog about soon ~ at least it was a barn!

  14. Great barn finds!

  15. Absolutely wonderful barns! Didn’t know they were called that.

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Lovely old barns. I think you are right about them still being used.

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