Friday’s Fences – And Hurricane Watch

My Friday’s Fences entry this week is the little fence in our side yard.

Later today, I’ll move the corn stalk, pumpkins, etc. to our garage in preparation of Hurricane Sandy’s possible visit. If the weather forecast holds true, this area will be flooded within the next few days.

We’re hoping and praying that gal hangs a hard right. And the sooner, the better.

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27 responses to “Friday’s Fences – And Hurricane Watch

  1. hi there. you & your family stay safe. i wonder what sort of weather we will see this time around? praying for the best.

    great fall decor. have a safe weekend. (:

  2. Here’s hoping the hurricane decides to bother someone ELSE…..a little rain is one thing but flooding and high winds? I’ll pass on that thanks… guys stay safe – batten the hatches!

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. Your little fence is the fence that could! The fence that showed the Halloween/Fall spirit! Be thinking about all of you. When I fired up the computer the first thing I saw was the map for the track of the hurricane on my home page. Do take care and stay safe and I hope you have no damage. I am going to hope and hope that misbehaving Sandy takes a hard right too or just runs out of wind and attitude!

  4. Hope you will be safe. And the cute fence can return after the storm.

  5. What a lovely little fence and how disconcerting everything must be tucked away lest waters wash it away. You all really have had your share of “annual” storms and quakes. Hurricane Sandy, aka Hurricane Grinch seems to be stealing Halloween. Stay safe.

  6. Praying for a “hard right”!

  7. We might get it big time. Hoping it turns right. Love your little fence.

  8. batten down the hatches! And Sundae, Sammy DID talks about yous!

  9. so pretty for fall…i try not to pay attention to weather hoopla…but this sounds like even I should listen up. EEK. Hope all stays safe for you!! {I know you’ll keep us posted!}

  10. We hope the hurricane stays far off shore, Dianna! And preparations for your place at the beach? We live along coastal NC and are hoping it stays away from us as well.

  11. Thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone along the path of the Naughty Sandy!


  12. probably wise to pack up the decor for a few days. good luck!

  13. As soon as I saw the weather report mentioning that storm, I thought of you. Praying that nasty girl finds another route to take away from the coastline. Be safe, Dianna, Motor Man & Marshall!

  14. Hopefully she’ll hang a right & head out to sea … I like this pic; it’s tricky. You might think there’s a meadow or field on the other side of the tall grass, but it’s the river !

  15. This is very festive looking! I’ve been thinking of you and your location in regards to the storm. Be safe! and hopefully you’ll be out of the path the storm takes.

  16. hi! making a slow left handed return, but I did see Surrygirl again today!!!!! Also love your decorations…….

  17. …and look at that pretty little tree growing next to the fence!

  18. Nice display for the holiday but sounds like a good idea to take it in. From what we are hearing you won’t be as hard hit as those farther north. Take care and be safe.

  19. Lovely photo! Stay safe. We’ve been in Nags Head the past 7 days – spending the night at Williamsburg and heading for home tomorrow! The ocean was quite blustery this morning when we left.

  20. Hope and pray it does just that! Am worried about family and friends right now.

  21. I hear you on hankering down for the storm!! We are doing the same thing tomorrow! This is one monster storm n scary too! your fence looks nice!

  22. This may be my favorite fence so far! Love your decor. It’s wise of you to take it in until the storm passes. Hopefully, she will either stay out of the way or calm down.

  23. Nice decor, Dianna. I like that white pumpkin. Hopefully you won’t have to keep them tucked inside for any length of time.

  24. Lovely display! I cut corn stalks to save for decor, but was too tired after cutting them to put them in the barn… then it rained (during our drought) and ruined them :/ Hoping the storm calms or makes the “hard right!”

  25. I’m hoping for the same hard right!
    stay safe

  26. Love your display! ~ Sheila

  27. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    We too had to take in all of our outside Halloween and Fall things and hoping for the best.

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