Watching And Waiting

Here in coastal Virginia, we’re still keeping a wary eye on Hurricane Sandy, who’s been dubbed “Frankenstorm”.

Even with all the modern technology, it’s still difficult impossible for the weather forecasters to predict exactly where a hurricane will make landfall this far in advance. But Sandy is such a huge storm, that we’ll have tidal flooding, strong winds and heavy rain regardless of where she comes ashore.

So we have our batteries, canned goods and bottled water. Our vehicles’ gas tanks are topped off, and we’ve brought in everything from the yard that could be blown away.  The worrisome things are those over which we have no control: damage to our home, falling trees, rising tide from the river that flows by our house, loss of electricity for an extended length of time.  And we know from past hurricanes/nor’easters that all of these are not only possible, but very likely.

For those of you who may not know, I thought I’d share a map of Virginia and point out exactly where we’re located. That way, when you’re watching the news, you’ll be able to pinpoint how far we are from the “action”. (Hopefully a LONG way.)

The point of the arrow is exactly where we live.  You’ve most likely heard of the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach; they’re located within that red area in the southeastern corner of the state.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue to post, even without electricity, with the laptop or my cell phone.

And now, since it’s Saturday, and to end this post on a bright note, here’s a sunrise from last month.

Not calm or beautiful here this morning. Sigh

21 responses to “Watching And Waiting

  1. We’re hoping and praying that all the dire predictions don’t come to be – it’s best to be prepared for the worst BUT let’s stay positive and hope that while we’ll all no doubt have wind and rain – that those of you who live along the beautiful shore remain safe and secure. Believe me – we’re all thinking about you guys and everyone else along the water and inland in the path of Frankenstorm. BIG HUGS……..

    Pam (and Sam and David too!)

  2. Praying you all stay safe and that you have no damage. Thanks for the map Dianna, very helpful. Fingers crossed here in Missouri! Sandy needs to change her course and her attitude!

  3. Stay safe and dry. Thinking of you. We canceled our trip to Staunton….wonder why?

  4. We’re thinking about you and all our coastal friends. Sounds like you have done all you can do for now. Will be watching the weather reports.
    My mother is so excited my sister from Alexandria is due to fly in on Thursday, Nov. 1. Hope her plans don’t have to change.

  5. Thank you for the update; I am keeping you all safe and close in my prayers. Hugs

  6. Like the others, we will also be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, Dianna. I lived for a time in Chesterfield (near Richmond) and I know how tough the storms can be there. I am hoping it stays well out to shore until it’s past Virginia. I really feel for those in the NE; it looks like they won’t be escaping this. Have a very cozy and safe weekend!

  7. i do hope you will be okay! (bride and groom swan, too!)

  8. Looks like we’ll be fine. But just in case we’ve prepared too. David made sure he’s got the chain saws working and plenty of gas for them just incase we need them! Call us if you need anything!!!

  9. Be safe. You and your lovely swans.

  10. We’ll keep you in our thoughts and check in daily. I wish it would just swirl off and not bother anyone. 🙂

  11. As prepared as I can be … & fingers crossed !! Thanks for the peaceful sunrise shot !

  12. Dianna, I’m thinking of you today and hoping the storm isn’t as fearsome as predicted. We’re much further west in both NC and VA, so I’m not expecting much more than rain here, although they are predicting a lot of it. Be safe.

  13. Big prayers going up for you all….seeing the arrow and how close you are to the ocean….ugh on this darn storm….ok sandy beat it and head out to sea and leave the US alone….praying for protection, covering and peace that can only come from God….sending you big blessings and lots of huggies and kitty loves for Sundae….that God will protect you all and your swans too:) Keep us posted as best as you can…hugs.

  14. Be safe 🙂

  15. I have been thinking about you. Sounds like you are prepared…will be hoping and praying for your safety!

  16. I come to you by way of Hot Rod Cowgirl….wishing you safety from the storm!
    go away Sandy!!

  17. Thinking of you all. Stay safe!

  18. Be safe, and stay warm and dry! Praying that the storm will pass quickly and without damage! ~ Sheila

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You and yours are in our prayers.

  20. Thanks for the sunrise, I look forward to seeing the sun again. 🙂

  21. It’s crunch time at our house with wedding #3 fast approaching this weekend, so I just now had a chance to read your blog. I’m hoping and praying all is well for all of you friends of mine in VA. We are already getting some effects from the storm here too — rain, flood watches. Of course, no one knows for sure but weather forecasters keep saying we could have high winds and power outages. Be safe, my friend!

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