OBX – After Hurricane Sandy

Motor Man and I were on the Outer Banks this weekend. Although that area certainly didn’t come close to having the devastation that the northeast did from Hurricane Sandy, it’s obvious that she came through town.

This is the “beach road”. The ocean is just beyond those cottages on the right.  It’s normally a regular paved street, not covered in sand.  You can see on either side where the sand was cleared from the street after the storm.

Sunday morning, we rode up on the beach past Corolla, where we normally go to see the horses.  Although we saw hoof prints, it was the first time we’ve been there that we didn’t see any horses at all.  Probably because most of the little side “streets” that we normally are able to drive on, looked like this.

We spent a lot of time backing up, turning around and heading in a different direction.

Obviously, the owners of this cottage went to great lengths to protect it, but those huge sand bags weren’t enough to save it from the tide.

We were sad to see that Sandy caused so much erosion to the dunes.

The unpainted portion of the steps shows just how much sand was lost during the storm.

We DID find some humor in our trip though. Remember my amazing shoe story? Both of us were reminded of my shoes when we saw this.

Although we missed seeing the horses, it was a beautiful morning on the beach.

Saturday, I’ll share more sunrise early morning pictures from our trip.


16 responses to “OBX – After Hurricane Sandy

  1. Wow! The damage to the dunes and the loss of sand along the steps really give perspective; and that last photo is a subtle reminder of what’s always been, is still there.


  2. Dianna I enjoyed your photographs but I don’t enjoy what Sandy did to that area or to any place else. It is amazing to see the sand you picture and the house with it’s deck all broken and falling down. The shoes do remind me of your missing but found shoe.. 🙂 The last picture is simply beautiful!

  3. Sandy certainly left her mark in many places….some places I have to wonder if they will EVER be the same – but perhaps they will come back BETTER. So much water and sand EVERYWHERE……sad to see that no matter how hard we try to keep storms at bay, they seem to have their way with us (and those cottages) anyway. Glad you saw evidence of the horses even if they weren’t there to post for your camera this time……Love the shoes! See? You’re not the only one who has a hard time keeping track of them….. 😀


  4. It is so hard and so sad to see all of the devastation. I hope the horses are all safe and sound.

  5. It is really scary and very sad the devastation that Sandy left in her wake.

  6. sandy….what an angry storm she was!! she sure did leave a large path of destruction. i can’t take pictures here, it’s just too heart wrenching!!

    thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comment/email!

  7. makes me so sad to see all of the damage that Sandy caused. Please be careful because now there is a Noreaster predicted for this week!

  8. The OBX took a good punch but it will bounce back and this summer we’ll be sitting on the beach and swimming in the ocean just like every summer and this will be a memory.

  9. even so much damage in an area not directly impacted. so sad.

  10. My word, I can’t believe that is normally a paved road. What a mess Sandy has made.

  11. Looks like Sandy lived up to the name… wow. So sad to see the devistation this storm has caused.

  12. The erosion is the most amazing thing here … That’s a LOT of sand! I suppose “Sandy” really was the right name …

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I am thankful no more damage was done. Your last picture is beautiful.

  14. Great shot of the gull in flight. Wow, that’s a lot of sand missing. At first I thought at least it was a pair of shoes, but with closer inspection, they don’t look like a matched set. Someone probably has a pair at home just like them.

  15. I have been waiting to hear about the OBX property. It certainly could have been worse, but I think your last picture shows the sun has risen again on your lovely part of the world.

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