Sunset Sunday

These photos are from w-a-y back in September . The swans were here every day at that time. Motor Man moved one of our bird baths down to the edge of the yard, so the ducks and swans could have fresh drinking water.

Groom Swan was most appreciative.

Later that afternoon, he and his bride were here for the sunset.

She was looking especially radiant.

Enjoying the sunset while riding the wake from a passing boat.

And a seagull realized dinner was being served.

The swans haven’t visited for quite some time; they must be on vacation again. Perhaps a cruise this time….

15 responses to “Sunset Sunday

  1. They are so beautiful together (or apart!)……and I hope they’re OK since they’ve been missing in action lately…….perhaps they’ve taken yet ANOTHER honeymoon????


  2. Lovely journey into the setting sun. It’s so elegant to see them glide through the water…especially when you catch their reflection so beautifully. Happy Sunday!

  3. Good Morning Dianna! I love seeing pictures of them. Can’t help but wonder why they don’t stick around. Hoping they are doing OK too. Can’t miss that golden glow!

  4. The perfect couple! How peaceful they make me feel and like I am really there behind you and the camera. Wonderful. And thanks so much for sharing.

  5. so pretty. i have that same birdbath – makes a great drinking height for ducks and dogs, alike. 🙂

  6. I imagine they know of some interesting and friendly places to go…. case in point with your photos here !

  7. That last shot takes my breath away!

  8. He looks so huge when he’s on land!!

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    They get better in each picture. I am sure they will be back soon.

  10. I’ve never really seen a black swan, fantastic. I think they’re probably enjoying that vacation…ha What a beautiful place to call home.

  11. I love that last shot! I do hope the swans are having fun on their vacation and come home soon.

  12. How fun! Love the closeups of the swans! Beautiful as always. ~ Sheila

  13. Groom swan is so very handsome and Bride swan so beautiful. Such a lovely couple. Hope they return from their va-cay soon.

  14. What beautiful birds! I have never met this kind before…I wonder if they are angry like the geese by the lake?

  15. Who can resist a blushing bride and her handsome groom? 😀

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