Barn Charm – Sunday Drive

Sunday was a beautiful day, and Motor Man and I took advantage of it to go “barn storming”.  Our drive took us through three counties.

You fellow Barn Charmers can probably imagine the “oohs” and “aahs” Motor Man heard from me when we first spotted this one.

The side view:

And a parting shot through a nearby weeping willow:

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23 responses to “Barn Charm – Sunday Drive

  1. That is one gorgeous barn! Now John Denver is singing in my head .. “Take me home, Country Roads, to a place I belong…..”


  2. Well that is a beauty of a barn to be sure……love that last shot through the weeping willow…..I believe you hit the “barn bonanza” last Sunday!

    Pam and Sam

  3. i love the 3rd or last shot. great barn. (:

    hey, i have a Christmas giveaway going on at my blog … please be sure to stop by. have a great week.

  4. That is a big, long barn. I wonder what one would see through those back windows? What I’m learning in your barn series as I look it up…perhaps I’m mistaken, but it appears to have a “gambrel” style roof showing German influence as it slants in two slightly different pitches. 🙂 So glad you are capturing these.

  5. You’ve found a real beauty of a barn! It reminds me of one nearby that has been converted to a boarding kennel for dogs. Imagine?

  6. Oh, my, I am surprised you can’t here me oohing and ahhing! What a beauty.

  7. Oh my goodness! Definitely ‘ohhh & ahhh’ worthy! LOVE the 3rd shot w/ the Weeping Willow in the shot! WoW!

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  8. It looks huge! It’s really a beauty.

  9. That is quite a big barn and a real beauty! Great find!

  10. A classic example ! & a loooong one … great shot through the tree !

  11. Interesting how half of it has no windows. Lovely barn!

  12. that is the Granddaddy of barns for sure!

  13. what a beautiful, big old perfect barn! 🙂 i need to do some barn storming.

  14. What a looooong barn! I really like the shot through the weeping willow.

  15. Lovely drive on a lovely day! That last shot is gorgeous!!

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great barn and great shot of it!

  17. Definitely worth the oohs and ahhs!

  18. What a neat looking barn, and huge too! Nice find on your Sunday drive! ~ Sheila

  19. I agree “oohs” and “aahs” Gorgeous. 🙂

  20. Cool barn! Love the view through the willow

  21. You can probably hear me oohing and aahing from over here! Great find!

  22. I love weeping willows!

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