Daily Archives: March 14, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day, Sundae!

Although she doesn’t realize it, this is the anniversary of a special day in Sundae’s life. Two years ago today, I made the trip to Gloucester Mathews Humane Society to look for a kitty to adopt. And I came home with a little calico that we named Sundae.

She was a bit scrawny and still had a bare spot on her tummy from having been spayed just a couple of weeks before.


But, with a new home and some love, she began to “fill out nicely”. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight..


Sundae has settled into a routine. This is her hang-out spot in the evenings. She props up on the footboard of our bed, looks at Motor Man, and waits for him to play a game of laser light with her.


Although Sundae is quite the independent girl and isn’t the calm lap kitty we had in mind, she’s a sweetie.


Happy Gotcha Day, Sundae girl!

sundae chessie

We hope you’re happy that we chose you.