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The Weekend – Day 2

Before I get to Day 2 (Sunday) of the weekend and the surprise waiting for us at the beach, I need to provide a little background regarding Saturday.

Since yesterday’s post was strictly about the horses, today I wanted to share the condition we found the beach in this weekend.

For example, here’s a picture I took back in September of a cottage that’s “out on the beach” more than any others. You can see the water’s edge to the left. The beach there at the cottage is about the same width as it is here.


This was the same cottage on Saturday.


This next cottage was practically destroyed last fall during Hurricane Sandy. You can’t really tell how far it is from the ocean, but there’s normally a wide expanse of beach between the cottage and the water.

demolished cottage

This next picture was taken from the other direction on Saturday. I took it through the windshield, as Motor Man and I waited for a wave to recede. We then drove between that sand bag on the left and the “shrub-like” debris on the right. In the distance you can see the cottage in my first photo.

driving between

This is a picture of the beach on a typical day.


This was the beach on Saturday.


And this was the surprise we encountered when we drove on the beach early Sunday morning, hoping to get some sunrise shots and see the horses. (I opened my door and took this picture; that’s why the Jeep antenna is in the center of the photo.)

narrow beach

We ventured just a tiny bit further, up to the beginning of that dune. I took this next picture (again from my door) just before we turned around, and we were as close to the dunes as we could get. It was rather scary, especially since there was no one else on the beach. We wonder how long it was before the residents and guests at the cottages in this area were able to leave. This is the only way on and off the northernmost beaches.

waves from the jeep

But, Motor Man did find a spot for me to get sunrise pictures, and I’ll share those later this week.

We’re anxious to get back to the beach to see how it fared after this latest storm.