Daily Archives: March 19, 2013

Barn Charm – Spotsylvania County

As Sundae mentioned in yesterday’s post, Motor Man and I traveled to Sperryville, Virginia on Sunday to visit with my blogging friend, Pam (One Spoiled Cat) and her husband, Dave. Along the way, I was, of course, taking pictures of barns. And Motor Man, as usual, was great about stopping whenever we spotted one.

This one was in Spotsylvania County. Our first glimpse:


We pulled into the farm lane, across a grown-over cattle guard, and I walked over into the field to get this next picture. (I should keep hiking boots in the vehicle.)


We live in southeast Virginia, where the land is very flat. So driving to the central part of the state and seeing the rollings hills is always a treat. As we were driving away, I continued to take pictures of this old barn. (I told Motor Man I didn’t want to leave it behind.)


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